Model Kit Review, 1/35 Scale Soviet Railway Flatcar

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It's been a while since my last model kit review post, so I thought this would be a good time to post another one. This review is about the 1/35th scale kit of a Soviet railroad flatcar from the WW2 period. This kit is produced by MiniArt of Ukraine.

The prototype for this flatcar was put into service on the railroads in the early 1930s and served the railroads until sometime after the end of WW2. The car was listed as a 16.5-18t car. It was a 2 axle car with a capacity of 18 tons load weight. These cars did not have any brakes on them. During WW2, these flatcars were vital to the war effort to supply the troops at the eastern front.

This model is well detailed, and includes the parts to build a section of Russian gauge track, which is slightly wider than the European gauge track.

Here is the video for my review. This review is about 14 and a half minutes long.

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