We're LIVE on HIVE!

in #hivelast year

Things move rather quickly with many bees around making sure that HIVE is a great place to be.

The one bee we have to thank today is @eonwarped as he has helped us get buzzing along on HIVE. Earlier he dropped this post which will give you some details on using the creativecoin tag on your preferred HIVE front end. (Peakd is really good, guys)

Anyway, you should be able to use the tag on HIVE right now and start getting the sweet, sweet nectar of the bees.

Keep in mind that the claims will STILL be through steem-engine.com at this time.

You guys are the best, and once again, I thank you for your patience.


The work remain on Hive though, correct? It won't be cross posting over to Steem?

That is 100% correct

So for sure for sure my shit won't be on Steem? LOL! I don't want my work attracting attention there.


Welcome to #Hive! 👍

thats a super news! just invested some more rusted steem into this sweet, sweet CCC candies :)

great news for everyone