Distant Thoughts Abound... (Contest: Dreem-WOTW: S1 R3)

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Welcome to Season 1 Round 3 of...

Dreem Word of the Week


You can find out about the history of wotw and it's transition from pob-wotw to dreem-wotw here

The word for this round is...

Distant ...

What does this word mean to you?

Does it conjure up memories of the distant past, thoughts of the distant future, perhaps of ships passing in the night? Is it distant lands, a distant star or planet that you dream of, or the sadness of becoming distant? These are just a few of the connotations of the word...

I've included a link to the Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary as it gives some great contextual uses for the word which may help to inspire a short story or poem, an introspective piece, or discursive essay - philosophical or otherwise. We know that it can be examined from many different angles; which one will you choose? We invite you to share your perspective with us...

So, what do you need to know about the contest to enter?

1 ) What form should my entry take?

You may respond to the dreem-wotw prompt through any of the following original and creative pathways: discursive essay, short story, or poetry. You may include original artwork in your submission as part of your interpretation of the prompt but the focus for grading submissions will be on the written content.

2 ) Where and when must I post?
Contestants will be allowed to enter dreem-wotw posts created on any platform and within any community - as this promotes greater inclusivity and engagement opportunities.

BUT... they will be required to share the URL for their dreem-wotw entry in Dreemport on the specific contest submission day set aside by Dreemport for dreem-wotw, in order to be considered for any of the dreem-wotw placings and prizes, as the Dreemport phase of grading is an important first step in the process, to shortlist the entries.

Note: You may publish your entry on your home blogging platform whenever you choose, however, it is suggested that you publish on the same day that entries are required to be shared in Dreemport, if you wish to align voting windows on your blogging platform with the timeframes over which Dreemport curators will be viewing your post and dreem-wotw grading teem will be grading (and potentially upvoting).

All entries will be screened by Dreemport screeners for plagiarism, and copyright infringement (all images must be credited back to the original photographers, and URL links to those images on royalty-free sites MUST be provided).

In addition, if any entry is found to be a re-spin of another writer's earlier entry to the contest, such that it appears that the second article clearly relied on and drew too much inspiration from the first, then the second entry will be disqualified, much in the same way that plagiarism disqualifies an entry.

This month the Dreemport submission date is:

Tuesday 27th September
between 4 am UTC and 23h59 UTC

Please note...this is not simply the deadline date...


The curation/submission cycle starts and ends at these times so there is unfortunately little room for flexibility. All valid submissions to Dreemport will be reviewed and ranked by public curators the following day.

If you want to have your voice heard in this respect, simply log on the next day and curate and rank the 5 random contest posts assigned to you.

3 ) The Grading Phase

At the end of the 24-hour cycle, Dreemport will provide an official top 5 reader's favourites. We will also be able to access the top 5 Dreemport staff entries in the background and will run two contest pools to keep staff and non-staff entries separate 😊

Members of the grading teem are able to write to the prompt but, like staff, their posts will be excluded from Dreemport official rankings and additionally, they will not be eligible for prizes.

The top 5's will then be graded by the dreem-wotw team primarily using the WOTW Merit grading system - developed by @scholaris.

The top 3 graded posts in both contest pools will become the official winning entries in dreem-wotw.

How to use Dreemport

If you have not used Dreemport before, you will need to register on dreemport.com, which is a quick and easy process, and the following two articles give a clear idea of the benefits and ease of use of the platform.

How do I use Dreemport? - it's easy!

Building a better name with Dreemport

If anyone has any difficulty registering and trying out the platform, please tag me or @wrestlingdesires or @juliamulcahy here on this post and we will help you to get this little piece of admin out of the way as painlessly as possible 😊

4 ) Engagement metrics
In order to promote healthy community engagement, one of the merit grading criteria is engagement. In order to earn any engagement points it is necessary to do public curation of the contest posts in Dreemport as part of your random 5 allocation, the day following contest submissions to Dreemport. You will earn 1 point for doing the curation and another 1-3 points based on the quality of your engagement in those 5 posts.

Note: doing public curation of the contest posts and engaging meaningfully during that curation, made a difference in the final positions of the contest last month ;-)

Which tag should I use?

The new tag to be used for the contest will be dreem-wotw as the contest will be hosted by Dreemport, and the primary token associated with the contest going forward will be the dreem token. By using the tag, it will enable others to find your dreem-wotw entries more easily going forward.

Don't forget you can use the #scholarandscribe tag on your posts to earn scholar and scribe tokens too.

Two contests in one!!!

1 ) Participation prizes:

There will be a random draw for all valid entrants. The first non-staff and staff entry drawn using random.org will receive 250 ecency points... 🙂

Comments on the contest and winners posts will also receive a mix of PIZZA, ALIVE, LUV, and LOLZ bot token calls.

2 ) dreem-wotw final graded placings:

This month we are thankful to @dreemsteem and @dreemport for Dreem tokens and Ecency point sponsorship and to @dibblers.dabs and Scholar and Scribe for their new sponsorship of Scholar and Scribe tokens.


Scholar and Scribe Sponsorship

The Scholar and Scribe creative writing community is sponsoring WOTW!

SCHOLAR tokens have been added to the prize pool, and if your entry is a piece of fiction or poetry, feel free to post it in the S&S community. All entries (no matter where you post it) can use the #scholarandscribe tag if you wish—this will help you earn both SCHOLAR and SCRIBE tokens.

Learn more about S&S here and consider joining the community if you haven’t already.


1st - 500 Dreem Tokens, 250 Ecency points, 50 POB, 50 Scholar, 2 Scribe

2nd - 225 Dreem tokens, 150 Ecency points, 50 POB, 50 Scholar

3rd - 100 Dreem Tokens, 100 Ecency points, 50 POB, 50 Scholar

1st - 250 Dreem tokens, 150 Ecency points, 50 POB, 50 Scholar, 2 Scribe

2nd - 125 Dreem tokens, 100 Ecency points, 50 POB, 50 Scholar

3rd - 50 Dreem tokens, 50 Ecency points, 50 POB, 50 Scholar

Grading teem:
There are 8 members on the dreem-wotw grading teem. These roles are currently voluntary, although adhoc disbursements may be made if funds allow. The current grading teem consists of:

@alekst7 @wrestlingdesires @iskafan @juliamulcahy @itsostylish @palomap3 @cescajove @samsmith1971

If anyone else is interested in becoming part of the grading team, they can drop me a message in discord at: SA_Sam1971#1299 to be considered, as future needs arise.

Although upvoting this post, reblogging it, or tagging friends is not required to enter, any and all efforts to promote the contest will be much appreciated. If anyone would like to provide additional sponsorship for the contest, please feel free to contact me in discord.

The following people expressed an interest in taking part in dreem-wotw (and I added a few who I thought may be interested too):

@acgalarza @adoore-eu @ahmadmanga @alekst7 @amberkashif @anonymous02 @aroojkhalid @atyourservice @ayesha-malik @bananzell @beeber @belleflower @blackdaisyft @bluefinstudios @bobthebuilder2 @b0s @buezor @cescajove @chincoculbert @cool08 @coquicoin @corporateay @creatr @daje10 @dansabest9 @darthsauron @deeanndmathews @deraaa @dibblers.dabs @diebitch @d-pend @dreemsteem @dwixer @edystringz @erh.germany @esther-emmanuel @flamistan @fragozar01 @freedomprepper @funshee @george-dee @giftedwriter @grocko @hannes-stoffel @harryjoe5432 @hollowins @hopestylist @idksamad78699 @ifarmgirl @ijohnsen @intishar @iskawrites @itsostylish @iwannabeme @jane1289 @jaxsonmurph @jfuji @joseph23 @juliamulcahy @kamarah @kei2 @kemmyb @kenechukwu97 @khaleesii @ksam @leeart @lightpen @litguru @lordtimoty @marbrym @maryjacy @mcyusuf @memeisfun @merit.ahama @mineopoly @mmykel @morenow @mrenglish @mypathtofire @ngwinndave @nickydee @nkemakonam89 @nonsowrites @oceanbee @officialrosh1 @olawalium @olujay @palomap3 @penderis @pinkchic @queenstarr @raj808 @repayme4568 @riverflows @shadowspub @simgirl @snook @stevehodl @stevemuis @strangegravy @sunbeam3 @taimen @tengolotodo @teknon @unklebonehead @vikbuddy @wongi @wrestlingdesires @whywhy @zyzymena

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Wow. You guys have taken this contest to a whole new level. I love your deadline date concept. It's not something we ever thought of during the WOTW series. It does a couple of more things that the original contest didn't provide:

  1. An opportunity to review your work.
  2. A heads up to the grading team for the upcoming work.

How many entries have you guys been handling so far? I can't wait to get back to writing again. Almost there.

I'm thankful after reading each of your articles on the DWOTW that you took over.

Sam and the DWOTW teem are doing an INCREDIBLE job!!!!

I seriously couldn't be prouder of how amazing this group of people are! they work hard...are so genuine and generous... love what they do and it shows!

I agree with Sam....get back here!!! hehehe

I can't wait to see your next post, I have missed your WOTW writing :) We had some good discussions!

I really like writing for the WOTW. It was fun. I hope to get back into writing soon. I've been thinking about the next article I write. It will probably be a simple movie review just to get back into things.

Please tag me when you do, so I can read it 🙌


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What's the difference between a glutton and a hungry man?
One eats too long, the other longs to eat.

Credit: reddit
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Will do.

hey Felix 💗 So good to hear you will be back to writing soon - please tag me!!! You are missed on Hive and in Dreemport! We are refining processes and grading with the new teem and everyone is really enjoying it. We had 35 entries for sanctuary and 27 for time. After the first 6 months, we plan to start kicking it up a level with the word choices too - we are giving newcomers a chance to bed in before setting more challenging words and concepts. Really happy that you like what we are doing. I hope you and your family are well...


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Hi @samsmith1971,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord https://discord.gg/8CVx2Am

I would be glad to take part of it dear friend Sam. So, it’s September 27. I will try to check it on Philippine time. I will save the date. I will join. Thanks for sharing a very engaging writing in dreemport.

Wonderful 🙌 It would be awesome to see you on Dreemport even sooner ♥️

Sure, I'll think about this ☺

You won't be sorry :)

Yay! 🤗
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I've already started thinking!!!! hehehhee

let's see if I can come up with a fiction this time around!!! hehehe

I thought of distance and consequences when I read this article. There are some forbidden books of the bible that talks about the anger of Adam and Eve against God. I think it was the gospel of Adam.

Seduced and frustrated by the Almighty's machinations, the beast spoke wisdom to Eve promising a path to knowledge and freedom from the Lord's tyranny. And in her hands lay the fruit forbidden by God to consume. And she did eat it. Truth, knowledge, and the horror of her plight was realized.

It's a good book. I'm just paraphrasing.

very interesting!!!! are you joining this round??? hehehehe I double dog dare you 😜

The deadline provides me an opportunity to join. I need to get back writing for Psyber X. Maybe I can combine the two stories. We'll see.

Now that is what I like to hear, Felix... nothing would make me happier, if you have the time for it... and you know I love combining prompts !LOLZ

I used to be addicted to soap.
But I'm clean now.

Credit: reddit
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I would love to read what you come up with :) How is Psyber X coming along?

Hey you. Hope you're dong well. Psyber X is coming along nicely. My next assignment is to write about an arena match between various characters. I started charting out 5 fights, but in the interest of short-storytelling, I'll probably release is in two or more articles.

I wrote out Archangel Dreams, but now I need to end the story. That will take 1-2 articles. I'm trying to move away from long-form writing as it takes a while.

Sounds like a plan :) Is life a little less busy?


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A dated a ghoul once but I had to break up with her.
She had a mean spirit

Credit: reddit
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Not at all. I'm still working and studying like a dog. I have shift work soon for about 1.5 months. I have carpal tunnel in one part of my right hand and a split tendon on the other side of the same hand. Things could be a bit more relaxing, I think.

Don't forget to drop your entry into Dreemport today... hehe just saying... ;-)

I’ll have to try and make the next one. I got steroids injected into my hands yesterday to try and get back full movement in my fingers. I could barely move my fingers. Still hurts to high heaven but at least I can move them.

Gosh, that must be incredibly painful, Felix! I hope the pain subsides soon - must be almost impossible to focus on or do anything else 💗😢 Sending lots of !LUV and 🙏's. Will you have to have the shots regularly until a more permanent solution is put in place? I am praying that the radiation option opens up for you quickly x

Thanks Sam. The injections were directly into the tough connective tissue that grew. There was pain involved. The injections were steroids first. The doctor said that sometimes it worked but sometimes it didn’t. It was an inexpensive attempt to alleviate the stresses in my hands.

I go back and see her in a month to evaluate. Afterwards the next possible solutions are a special enzyme injection that will definitely remove the tissue, needle breakup of the tissue, or surgery. The special enzyme costs $5K per vial. Surgery is about 20-30k

Now you're talking Ms. Dreems - hehe yes pleez !LUV

hehehehe you said the magic word..I have no choice now lol

I saw what @samsmith1971 wrote regarding the writing requirements. I never thought to require a discursive essay. Until I looked it up, I thought it meant writing embedded with foul language. Just goes to show how much I know.

hahaha, that's funny 😂 !LOLZ

My dog chewed a hole in my shirt
We have the same taste in clothes.

Credit: reddit
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It was funny to me, because it also made me sad that it was true. 😁

💗 !LUV

Yes!!! Maybe a first chapter of something?

Thanks for mention me 😁

Thanks for remembering me! I already have the submission date saved ☺️

This topic sounds really interesting and captivating, I hope to join in this challenge.

Good luck everyone 🥰🥰❤️❤️.


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Wow... Distance is a best word . Let's get the shoe dancing...

hehe thanks cool08... but a slight correction... the word is distant not distance... I have included a link to some dictionary definitions to help writers. Hope to see you take part !PIZZA

Woohoo 🙌🎉.. are you guys ready? I know you all are. I can't wait to read everyone's entry on this one. 💪💪

Ah thanks @samsmith1971 :) Time to get my thinking mouse cap on 🐭🤔😅

Please untag me. I didn't sign up for it or expressed interest to be tagged.

Sure, no problem Anike 🤗 !LUV

Oh great 🙌

At least I would get my thinking cap ready...thanks for the tag 💗💜💗

When I read what this was about, i immediately felt a faint call to write on something i never have before. The word Distant... Well. Let's wait and see.

Although the deadline seems distant, it allows us to think and prepare something interesting. I will surely be present. Greetings.

I hope you will continue to make our grading work difficult, hehe.

I am ready to read new wonderful texts! 🤩

Oh boy I wonder what I can dig up from the dim and distant past!
Thanks for all that you do Sam and also everyone connected to dreem-wotw

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Maybe the mute swans will have some ideas :) ... They tend to like being distant after all!

haha maybe they will, I will have to ask them, the next time I go up there 🤣🤣🤣

Sounds good 🤣

I'm so honored to be a part of this ♥️ Awesome work keeping this organized and easy to enjoy for both graders and writers 🙌


Oh, so this is how it works? Thank you for tagging me. I sure am going on to make my entry.

I do have a question. I have seen an musical entry before. Does it count?
Let me rephrase. Does making a song out of the word of the week count?

Either way, let's go!

hi Joe, the dreem-wotw focusses on written content. That does not mean that you cannot create a song and use say ThreeSpeak to publish your entry, however, you would need to ensure that there is sufficient written content for Dreemport public curators to rank your post higher and if you make the top 5, for the dreem-wotw to be able to grade that written content. So perhaps, write out your original song too and explain what inspired it, what it is about, describe where you were and how you were feeling when you wrote it etc ... and maybe a bit about who you are as a musician... hope that makes sense! Looking forward to your entry 😊 !PIZZA

Oh, this makes a lot of sense. So, it would be like a written content but there'll be an added song to back it up? Sure, I can do that.

Thank you for explaining. You sure will see my entry.


That deadline date looks distant at the moment but I know how these things work. What looks distant gets close and upfront before you know it.

Looking forward to this one. Thanks for being a fantastic leader for the DWotW team, @samsmith1971 💛


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Thank you Sam 💛

Can you please add my name to your tagging? Thanks!!

Something fun to think about :D

Did it drop off again? Ugh... sorry @snook ...I shall rectify that right now in this post! !LUV I was trying to combine two lists that I had 🙄💗

Just a final gentle nudge if you are writing for dreem-wotw to drop your entry into Dreemport today :-)

Thank you Ms. Jules... I saw what you did there 💗 !LUV you xx @juliamulcahy

I'm definitely throwing my hat in this time around

Ok, so this weeks topic is distant? And it has to be submitted today Friday, ? I want to confirm this. @samsmith1971

hi Treasure, the topic is distant but it needs to be submitted into Dreemport on Tuesday 27th September as per the post :-)

Ok now I get, thanks

Please remember to drop your entry into Dreemport today :-)

Thank You for the reminder

-A very interesting contest @samsmith1971 ! I wish I could be part of it, if God permits, but just got back here yesterday after a year, may be the deadline is too close and I need to check my profile first.. and if I am still welcome.. Hehehe..Well.. I am so happy to know that the family that I once was a member.. is doing great @dreemport and to the best mentor and friend of everyone @dreemsteem I have missed you and may God bless you more, and praying that more authors and creators be blessed by your caring and loving heart. Good luck to all of my co-authors and family here before, that will be part of the contest..you all deserve to join and to win the contest!!! May God bless you all!!! Have a blessed day!🍒💕🌷..

Aah, that is wonderful to hear that you are back... and you are most welcome to join in. We have only recently taken it over from the pob-wotw team and are running it once a month at the moment, which is very much in line with the frequency that pob-wotw was running at when scholaris needed to step back. Try to log in to your Dreemport account on the live site. If you have any difficulties in doing so, check in with @penderis and @mcyusuf on Monday to make sure that your permissions are all correct.

In the meantime, if you have the time, write to the prompt distant and then submit it to Dreemport on Tuesday, between 4 am UTC and midnight UTC. Then come back on Wednesday and do public curation again if you want to ensure that you earn engagement points towards your final score. We grade and score the Dreemport top 5 against a grading rubric... so Dreemport effectively shortlists the entries for us :-) and then we publish the top 3 from there for both staff and non-staff, and they are awarded the prizes. All of our graders read and grade the shortlisted entries independently against the rubric and then an average score is calculated to determine final placements for the contest.

Have a wonderful weekend 🤗🧡🤗

-Thank you very much! I don't know yet if I still have an access to the Dreemport 😊..but I will try, I already forgotten some things honestly..I will follow your instructions..😇..Hmm I want to ask for an advice.. do I need to write a proper introduction again? I did an introduction post in other platform because I signed up for a new account, is it possible if I am going to use that article for brief introduction here in Hive? Is it allowed? Or I could create a post without doing any introduction?. I am sorry for asking and disturbing you. I don't have idea this time.. I would appreciate it, if you could give me even a simple guide or idea. Have a blessed evening!🌷🍒😇.

hi Cherry... if you have already done a Hive intro then probably not necessary to do another official one, but nothing stopping you from writing a post announcing your return to Hive and maybe tagging some of the people that you used to engage with a lot to let them know you are back and looking forward to connecting again :-) It isn't necessary to write one for you to be a dreemer though 🤗 Looking forward to seeing your posts in Dreemport this week x

-Thank you very much for the very helpful advices, I have a peace of mind now😇..I will do my best to create a post for Dreemport this week, and I will follow your advices. May God bless you more! Have a peaceful and blessed evening!!!😇🍒🌷

So, provided the PeakD scheduler functions as promised, at 21:21 PDT, my entry to The Dreemport WOTW Competition,

"Distant Lovers" - A Sonnet

should appear in my blog...


hi Stylish :-) Don't forget to drop your entry into Dreemport today ;-)

Will do if I have electricity. Haha, it’s actually become a concern

I can drop it in for you otherwise xx Is the loadshedding still ridiculous then? !LUV !ALIVE

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Hooray! here is my entry Sam! :)

Distance by Deceit