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Good Afternoon Scholars! Good Evening Scribes!

I have some exciting news to share with you all today! After hinting and discussing my plans to enable staking and curation within our beloved Scholar and Scribe community for a few weeks we have achieved our goals! It is official! The SCHOLAR and SCRIBE tokens have staking and curation enabled! Not only that- but those of you that have posted within the Scholar and Scribe community since I started it have also received a little airdrop to help us kick start things!

First off- The Airdrop! Each Hive account that has posted in the community has been issued 1 SCRIBE and 10 SCHOLAR! Do with them what you will! If you posted in the community multiple times you received the same as if you only posted once. I have done this deliberately to ensure we all start on an even playing field with our votes and curation. If you were involved in the airdrop- about 30 accounts were- consider yourselves invited to be the first wave of curators for our community! If you choose to stake your airdropped tokens you will begin rewarding content in SCHOLAR and SCRIBE, as well as continuing to earn those tokens yourself!

scholar and scribe divider.png

Below you can see screenshots of the reward pool for each token- given the responses I have received from people during discussions about the tokenomics I did not feel it was necessary to modify things from the outline I described in the initial announcement post for the community.

Scribe_token plus text.png



  • This token will be author focused
  • It grants 80% author rewards and 20% curation rewards
  • It will be paid out 100% staked
  • It takes 4 weeks to unstake and does not allow delegation
  • The payout window for this token is 2 weeks
  • It has a max supply of 1,000,000 tokens
  • Staked SCRIBE mines SCHOLAR tokens
  • Rewards pool adds 3.5 SCRIBE every 3600 seconds- with the supply capped at 1,000,000 tokens this gives us 30+ years of curation rewards.

scholar and scribe divider.png

Scholar_token text add.png



  • This token will be curation focused
  • It grants 30% author rewards and 70% curation rewards
  • It will be paid 50% staked, 50% liquid
  • It takes 2 weeks to unstake and does not allow delegation
  • The payout window for this token is 1 week
  • It has a max supply of 10,000,000 tokens
  • SCHOLAR tokens are mined by staked SCRIBE
  • Rewards pool adds 35 SCHOLAR every 3600 seconds- with supply capped at 10,000,000 tokens this gives us 30+ years of curation rewards.

scholar and scribe divider.png


Mining Contract-

The mining contract has been deployed as well. 5% of the total SCHOLAR supply is designated for the mining contract which will issue 7.61 SCHOLAR to 10 SCRIBE stakers every 4 hours. The 5% of the SCHOLAR supply covers 30 years of mining at this mining rate.

Loose Ends-

In my initial post announcing the Scholar and Scribe community and my plans for the tokens I mentioned holding 5% of the supply of each token in reserve. I had written this into the original tokenomics in order to have a way that I could build up the community account by offering these tokens in return for HP delegations or listing these tokens on the market in order to accumulate BEE, fund future development, or other options. As of now those tokens are still unissued.

I would rather not list these tokens on the market until our community is further along its growth path if at all. I am still considering using them to incentivize delegation to the community account though. I am hoping for some feedback from all of you that have been helping to build the community up by posting here before I make the decision. It is also possible we can leave them as they are and they will simply be added to the rewards pools. Any and all ideas of how to use this portion of supply will be considered! There is a lot we could do here!

A final note- you may see in the rewards contracts that a 1% beneficiary still exists for each of these tokens that will supply the community account if users do not use the scholarandscribe "app." We do not have the app yet so all posts will require the beneficiary! I did this in order to ensure that people who are not posting in the community but are still using the tag would be contributing to the community accounts growth anyway! It will be adjusted/removed in future!

scholar and scribe divider.png

I hope you're all as excited as I am to start curating and earning SCHOLAR and SCRIBE tokens for your creative writing content! We are really just getting started!

I hope in future we can look to solve some of the issues for longer form and serialized writing content on chain and look for even more opportunities for writers to collaborate and create amazing stories, poetry, and all sorts of creative writing! I hope we can find partnerships with other tribes and communities to keep bringing authors and readers together on chain and off! I am excited to get started!

Keep on writing Scribes! Get reading Scholars!


I'm glad to hold the scholar and scribe token. Thank you so much. I really appreciate and will do my possible best to add value to the community

You already have! As one of the first participants your early stories were much appreciated! Glad you are a token holder and looking forward to reading more from you :)

🥰🥰🥰. Thanks a lot

Thanks so much, you are awesome 🙌📘🍕📘🙌


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you are welcome! glad to have great content being posted in scholar and scribe! keep the great writing coming! !PIZZA !ALIVE

@wrestlingdesires! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @dibblers.dabs. (1/10)

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Thank you! I enjoy to partecipate to your contest.
Good luck for all partecipants.

Thanks! I hope you'll keep writing in the community and curating with your Scholar and Scribe stake! !PIZZA

Absolutely I’ll do, and hope we will see new contests with Hashkings

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Jeez! I am glad to be a part of this at this stage!

Still early days but I think we have a heck of a lot of potential! We are filling a niche that has been missing for a while and I think these tokenomics will back it up! Stay tuned and glad to see you writing in Scholar and Scribe! !PIZZA

Thanks a lot for making me one of the beneficiaries of scholar an scribe tokens🤝

You earned it by posting in the community! Glad you found us early haha !PIZZA

i havent get ;)
you typo when write my accoun name :)


You are correct! I apologize for making a mistake with your account name :( I am issuing the appropriate tokens to you now!

@penyaircyber! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @dibblers.dabs. (2/10)

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Thank you :)

Hey: @teknon@cryptoniusraptor@soma-nerd@efastromberg94@apunawu@grocko@emrysjobber

I've noticed that you have not staked your airdropped SCRIBE token! It is totally your choice to stake or not, but you will not earn SCHOLAR mining rewards without staked SCRIBE. Also, your vote weight on Scholar and Scribe content will be impacted (this goes for staked SCHOLAR as well).

SCHOLAR and SCRIBE tokens act like HP when staked... keeping them liquid for now is fine, but without any real price stabilization (that might take a long while), the tokens aren't super useful if liquid. Unless you're looking to sell 'em. Again, 100% your choice but just wanted to make y'alls aware. 💖

Ye I was planning on talking to dibz about it before i did anything. But thanks for the heads up!

No worries! That is a good plan 👍

Thanks but how do i stake it

  1. Go here while signed in:
  2. Use search bar to find SCHOLAR or SCRIBE
  3. You should see a little 🔒 symbol—click!


Same as grocko said was gonna talk with dibs,but thanks for the reminder. Just staked both tokens.


Staked it on rex not on raptor,
Thanks for the reminder,
Right back at cha

Thanks for the info, some us at times forget the fact that we need to put this tokens to use.

Thanks for the reminder

:) No problem

These tokens are awesome! I am glad you invited me to join the community. I staked the scholar token and already got some rewards from curating, which I staked again right away. These are quite the incentive to curation. As a writer, I am looking forward to earn some scribe token as well! I will most probably increase the frequency of my poetic production even more in the coming weeks...

Glad you like 'em, and that they're inspiring you to produce 😄
That's part of the vision—soon on the horizon are ways to give the tokens utility... stay tuned :)

I love it! Super stoked to see these tokens rolling out. I would definitely delegate HP to the community for those other rewards! !PIZZA !hivebits

Awesome! I am excited as well it is a momentous occasion! The feedback is appreciated.

We have some time to figure that piece of things out as we move towards a frontend and figure out next steps. !PIZZA !hivebits

I love your graphics. Thanks for sharing.

The graphics were made by @trashyomen on commission. I am sure we will work together again it was a pleasure to work with them! a wonderful artist!

And you are a wonderful patron. I loved working with you and will be looking forward for future opportunities to collaborate again!

First, thank you for the airdrop. Looking forward to seeing this all play out. And yes, I'm looking forward to writing more, despite my self proclaimed dislike for writing 🤣 !PIZZA

Can't wait to see more of your writing! The piece you wrote for the HK contest is great! !PIZZA

Very happy that the community continues to grow! Thank you very much for the tokens, they are already staked. I don't understand much about tokenomics, but I think using them to incentivize delegation can be a good option. Congratulations for this new step! !PIZZA

I'm glad to hear they are staked! It'll really help us start building and hopefully attracting more authors! Thanks for your contributions! !PIZZA

This community provides such an important place on the blockchain for creative writing that doesn't seem to exist to this extent elsewhere. Creative writing is more than stories, poetry, but also thoughts, a certain type of diaries, and many more that aren't really appreciated/welcomed elsewhere.


Killin' it Dibbs! great stuff man! !PIZZA

Thanks bacon! Maybe we will see some writing posts from you soon? hehehehe

Awesome news! Thanks for the airdrop and looking forward to more exciting developments!

Stay tuned! I am sure we will have more developments to discuss in the future! :P

I've been wondering about an actual writing community on hive for a while. The payout period of 7 days always seemed like a big issue. Extending it to 14 days I think is a great start and I love the 80% author rewards on scribe.

I need to familiarize myself with the community.


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Jump in and start writing! I agree with you that a more general writing community was necessary! All creativity deserves a home! I think with the dual tokenomics we will be able to create and hold a lot of value with the token as well!

Looking forward to seeing some of your work pop up here ;)

First time learning about the scholar and scribe token, very interesting. Congrats to everyone who has received tokens from the airdrop! Grateful that @stickupboys posted this on ListNerds, otherwise I'd never know about it!

What content is appropriate for the tribe and what tags would you use?

Right now it is a community so posts should be in the Scholar and Scribe community. It is a creative writing community so anything from short stories, serial novels, poetry, lyrics, freewrites, and any other creative writing you can think of. Don't post your what I did today blogs or how to win splinterlands here though!
The tag is scholarandscribe and it rewards both tokens. You can read up on the post above or the other pinned posts in the community for tokenomics details and more background info!

Welcome to Scholar and Scribe!

Nice one the boss @dibblers.dabs will fill you in!

AWESOME. Thanks.


So exciting! Didn't think they'd come online this quickly... now I gotta go find some of my squirreled away stories to start the S+S volume rolling 😀


I do try to move quick! I could have waited a bit longer and pushed for a frontend but I wanted the authors to start earning and building the community and holder base sooner than later! Looking forward to seeing some of those stories and other creative pieces. !PIZZA

This is fantastic progress with the community and tokenomics Dabs! Immense. Something to be proud of indeed. Having another writing community that caters for all styles of creative writing and collaboration and provides an opportunity to earn community tokens, will be a blessing to a lot of authors out there on the blockchain. The existing communities are already fantastic and loved by many (myself included) but they are slightly more niche in their approach.I have enjoyed writing in scholar and scribe for a Tale of Two Pizzas and will certainly enjoy using the community going forward too. Looking out with interest for what other collaborations may be in the offing in the future 🤗 !PIZZA !ALIVE
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Thanks a lot @samsmith1971. It has been great to see the variety of posts and authors contributing to the community! I am certain that this will continue to grow in the future and am confident that the tokenomics will continue to provide value to authors and curators long term.

We will be looking for partnerships and continue to create new contests and collaborations as the community grows! Thanks for your contributions to Tale of Two Pizzas and I look forward to seeing more of your writing here in the community!


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This is brilliant.


Thanks! It's exciting times for the creative writers on hive! I hope to see some of your writing in the community and you can start earning our tokens! It was good to chat with you earlier today in the WIT discord! !PIZZA

Yeah it was a great ole chat! I'm so happy that their are so many people on Hive looking to help creative writers who are trying to find their feet on the platform.

I'm glad to hear it! Authors stronk together!

Very exciting news to hear today and I've already staked mine! Thanks for the airdrop!


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Awesome! You should be participating in the token mining as well then! You might find some extra SCHOLAR lying around !LOL Thanks for the pimp! !PIZZA

Awesome! Congratulations with this new milestone and start of the community token!

For my airdropped tokens, immediately to Stake!

Beyond that, got to write at least once a week or twice a week for the Scholar and Scribe Community! Let's make this huge!


YESSSS! Keep on writing those awesome Steam Brutes posts and chain stories! I love reading them! With the quality of writing coming to the community I am so impressed! Let's keep creating awesome content!

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Great to see the writing community have a real home, with some specific tokens to earn.
@gracepro you should put more of your stories into this community

It is early days but we are off to a strong start! More authors are always welcome @indiebandguru @gracepro it would be wonderful to see some creative writing in the community! !PIZZA

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Hey that is awesome you did it! Well done bro!

Your help was greatly appreciated! Now we just have to build it up and reach for a frontend behehehe

That is awesome bro!

Congrats dibs! Well done, my dude. Here's to a long and healthy S&S economy 🍻 (not even sure if that made sense but w/e we're rolling with it 😁).

I think we are off to a great start! With more planned for the future I think it can only get better (but what do I know I am biased) XD

Excited? Yes, yes i am


ME TOOOOOOO! When are we gonna get a Creo story up here? :P !PIZZA

When I get over myself and out of this writing rut ive been in for ages!

I’ve write only one post last week for a contest, I didn’t know about this community, anyway I think is a great idea and a fun thing .
Gg all for citations!


Good information. Thanks for your post.

hope to see some posts by you in the community! We aim to help authors monetize for their creative content! !PIZZA

Told you this post would blow up! 😁

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@taco-pizza, sorry! You need more to stake more $PIZZA to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 20.0 PIZZA staked.

More $PIZZA is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

Glad it did blow up! More attention on Scholar and Scribe can only be a good thing!

There once was a community of scholars
they liked to hoot and to holler
about the posts that they read
so great that they said
this author deserves 10 hive dollars

Very interesting project my friend
Have a blessed and successful week ahead

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Thanks! I hope you will stop by to read and participate in the community! !PIZZA

Tranks !!


Great news!! :) Awesome!
Will it also be possible to buy the tokens?

The tokens will be distributed by the curation of authors in the community- if people choose to sell theirs they will be available to be bought! Once we have our feet under us some of the tokens might be listed to help fund next steps for the community but for now it is just distribution through curation and author rewards

Ah ok I see thanks. Otherwise I would have bought some. :)

You can always write a post in the community sometime to earn some! !PIZZA

Hi I'm still very new to Hive and trying to understand all these new things. I was tipped with pizza and it brought me here. I would love to meet people in this community that can guide us newbies through this learning process. I love writing and reading and would love to share some of my African adventures with like minded people.
Actually just being on this platform has opened up a new world for people like me that was stuck on Facebook for so long!

Good Morning @luckyfish1 I would recommend joining us in the Pizza Discord we are always happy to help out new Hivers! There is a lot to learn about HIVE and PIZZA! I would very much enjoy seeing some of your creative writing in the Scholar and Scribe community as well!

Glad to hear you found a way off facebook! !PIZZA

Thank you. I have joined up on both now 😊

how can i earn some

By posting creative writing content in the Scholar and Scribe community! When those posts pay out you will receive Scholar and Scribe tokens if community members have voted on your posts!