Wishing for everything-#Market Friday

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Hello friends
This challenge presented by @dswigleen. the sweetest and the world's market #MarketFriday
Many weeks without introducing myself to the market.
But it is that life is very rare and they ask us for caution, it gives me a thing to take out the camera and start photographing, so I take old photos.
Craft market
IMG_9789 copia.jpg

I have always liked creating with my hands and I have sometimes presented my work
But today it is a market and in January they do the craft market.
IMG_9854 copia.jpg

I would call it the wish market.
First have money to buy everything and second have time and courage to do everything you see.
I love the wooden silhouettes that you later decorate to your liking, So innocent and colorful.
IMG_9781 copia.jpg

IMG_9794 copia.jpg

IMG_9805 copia.jpg
The slogan to incentivize you.
Persist resist
And never
IMG_9801 copia.jpg

Then Steampunk
IMG_9816 copia.jpg

I like the gears and the theme and these details.
IMG_9814 copia.jpg

IMG_9806 copia.jpg

IMG_9810 copia.jpg

IMG_9815 copia.jpg

Here I do leave you a doll to make, all by hand, the only one she left home long ago and her partner haha.

PUNKY 008.jpg

Wool with its color and softness.IMG_9842 copia.jpg

And the things to sew.
One thing I don't understand is what happened to me with this photograph.
Everyone was taking photos with the mobile and she did not say anything, I put on the camera and you can see her gesture. No photos
IMG_9847 copia.jpg

IMG_9780 copia.jpg

The new sewing machines that embroider alone.
You can take it home they only cost more than € 3,000, what is that for a poor worker?
IMG_9851 copia.jpg

Those of us who are poor will smile with small things and our creations
Happy market day.
Copia de IMG_0579.JPG

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Qué colección de objetos chulos, bonitos y elegantes. Me gusta. Feliz viernes

gracias es un placer verlo jajaj

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 12 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Fun market place experience going out with you today, the expressions and innocence in faces of joy are all uplifting. Nice photography even when indicated not too, to late it is done with a different click in the frame.

Have a great day.

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I like all the crafts and there are so many things to do and so many ideas
thanks for stopping by and happy friday

Wow nice pictures you have here, I am so much in love with the wool, the colours displayed so got my attention, especially the blue colour.
Thanks for sharing
Much love💟💟
Thumbs up👍👍👍

Hello Beautiful
the wools are beautiful there were many, shame about not having enough money to buy all haha
Thanks for coming and commenting

Lol, its okay, hope you would have the money next time to purchase as many as you would want.😉😉😀😀

What a cool market! I could spend all day there looking at stuff.

But... where are the mushrooms? :P

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hello forgive me this language brings me crazy. copy and paste the labels and I did not realize I beg your forgiveness happy friday🌼🤦‍♀️❤😘🌷

Haha no worries :D
Happy Fungifriday!