Market Friday goes to Steinway street, Queens, New York City🌝

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Hello friends,

Happy #marketfriday to everyone!

It is May, 2022 and rainy season is finally here in NYC. Half of weeks these days are on and off rain. This time we went to Steinway street, Queens. This road is popular to shoppers for all kinds of brands. It also close all kinds of restaurants. The day was luckily quite sunny and full of people walking around. We had some snacks at Starbucks and bought some small toys for our toddler.

We also took some photographs of the shops, roads, some products to share with #Marketfriday community organized by lovely lady @dswigle.

All photos are taken by me with Samsung Galaxy Note 8.









Thank you for being with me on my photography blog for #marketfriday.
Love and well wishes to all hive user. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you so much!!

Thanks again for visiting our blog ;)

Great to see your walk through Queens and some shops that are there. Luckily the weather was better ☀️ That makes walks more pleasant.
Have a wonderful weekend! ☀️

Thanks for visiting and putting kind comments ;)

You are so welcome @decentropia 😁
Have a wonderful day today 👋🏻☀️

A beautiful day for a stroll on Steinway Street! When I read that at first, I thought you were going to the piano store!

Stopping a Starbucks and sharing the moment with family is a perfect day. Happy that the weather is favorable for your outing. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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Upped and reposted

We recently finished touring the other side of Steinway street which was full of Middle Eastern delights and restaurants. Hope to share with the community. Thanks again for visiting and putting kind words.

It's my pleasure!

Yay! 🤗
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