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The story I'm about to share now is quite an interesting one I hope we all learn from and the crazy part is that it actually happened, I'm talking like first hand witness to some life changing event.

Once upon a time early last year, uniformed men ( I suspect they were policemen) busted into an apartment that was in the same neighborhood as mine (used to be cause I no longer live there) and because of that I could hear and see virtually every thing that went down very early in the morning at about 3am.

So the gist is a guy that stays next door was apprehended alongside his friends who live in the same apartment.
I felt this was strange because this guy, let's call him Mr. A is one of the sincere persons that I have come across in the neighborhood (I have chatted with him a couple of times and I haven't noticed any criminal behavior so I guess I can say that).

I was really shocked, at first I thought it was a robbery attack but then I heard them clearly introducing themselves and I was more confused but I couldn't go out just yet, I needed to be able to understand the state of the situation so as to avoid unpleasant implications.

So apparently Mr. A and his friends were accused of being involved in a kidnap case (at this point I was confused because I thought I knew this guy and he wasn't that kind of person but you know what they say about the world, it's growing wicked.

Mr. A is a banker, he works during the week and chills most Sundays with his friends who live down the street, it's almost like I'm familiar with his routine and there was nothing suspicious about him at all.

But, according to the story, he never had a clear idea about what his friends actually do for a living, let's pause here for a second and digest this lesson.
In as much as we should be open minded and accept people for who they are and blah blah blah, I think it's really important that we know who our friends really are like really know them because friends influence a huge part of our lives so being careless about this relationship can lead to a disasterous life.

He was literally crying like a baby when he was handcuffed that fateful morning, while the other dudes were so calm and I could immediately Sense that something wasn't right.

Long story short, he was whisked away with the others that day. I was so convinced he was innocent but I couldn't do anything mostly because I was scared and didn't want to endanger myself in the process.

I relocated from that neighborhood, so I never heard anything about his case until early today when I bumped into one lady that sold food items around my old neighborhood, we exchanged pleasantries, and the guy's case flashed into my head so I asked if she had any information concerning Mr. A and whao! You won't believe it.

She said the case has worsened as they've moved him and the other guys to a more serious prison after a court pronouncement and his friends knowing that he is innocent hdid not open up about this and I felt cold.

This brings me to my point of this story.
Watch who you allow into your space, the world is not what it used to be, people are getting more selfish and will do inhumane things to feed their greed.

You might be a sincere person but getting mixed up in the wrong company can cost you your future, after all one bad apple corrupts the rest I'm not sure I said it right but I think you get the message.

Its ok when you pay for your own crimes (I mean you deserve it), but you'd feel you're drinking vinegar when you pay for someone's.
Be careful about those you sit, drink & dine with, so you don't pay for their sins.
This is not to scare any one but to make you more aware of the kind of world we live in.
Be careful.