Sometimes you have to be inventive...

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When the mushroom season arrives, you simply cannot miss it.
They can be found everywhere. On instagram, on twitter, on facebook... yes, even here!
Thousands and thousands of pictures of mushrooms. One more beautiful than the other.
It seems as if everyone goes into the woods around the same period every year to capture the most beautiful gnome houses on the sensitive plate...

But this year I also participated!
However, there are 2 issues I was facing...
- I live in a city, not near a forest.
- I'd rather be lazy than tired...yes, I admit it.

But as you can see above, I managed to capture several hundred typical wild city mushrooms in their natural habitat.
Ok, ok... they're all close together and I didn't have to walk far to find them... the store is just behind my corner.
But I did have to take risks!
What risks? Well, just try to explain what you you’re doing to the shop security when they think you're taking pictures of the price tags for the competition...😉😂

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I love it! I've done the same thing at farmer's markets, nurseries, grocery stores...sometimes it's the customers, rather than store clerks, who give you the strange looks.

You found mushrooms in a nursery? With customers? 😂

Thanks for passing by, have a !PIZZA with some !BEER 😉


Oh, those security guys always have something to surprise a man (or woman) with a camera 😉😆

An unusual photo editing though 😉

Long time no see dear! How are you?

Thanks for passing by, have a !PIZZA with some !BEER 😉

Long time no see dear! How are you?

Still struggling with life 😉 Nice to see some old friends are still here too 🤗

Thanks for the treat!

Their natural habitat indeed! 😂

Absolutely! It are wild CITY mushrooms after all 😂

Thanks for passing by, have a !PIZZA with some !BEER 😉

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Wow... Amazing, great work in the world of photography, I love that. Thank you very much @pixelfan, For sharing with us, success always buddy

Thanks 👍

Thanks for passing by, have a !PIZZA with some !BEER 😉

Thank you so much @pixelfan


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