Come drive with us to the mountains.

Although we moved house on Monday, we will never move away from the mountains.

Instead we moved a bit closer to the mountains as you can see in the road above.

Sadly we had to leave our family of wild squirrels behind at the old house, but nature and an ex-neighbor will continue to feed them and life goes on.
The Robins were also nesting in the palm tree at the old place and now we will not see the babies, but we were prepared to sacrifice it all in exchange for silence and peace at the new place.
Nature though is still within easy reach and there are many short drives that lead one out of town and into the countryside.
Such as this one.


A place where the Jackal Buzzards and the eagles fly.




A very happy little one here below.
We might not have squirrels anymore at the new house, but nothing prevents us from making them happy with a nut like this little one when we see them somewhere else.
092 (2).JPG

Hard work this week as moving never comes easy, but every now and then we take a short trip to release the stress and the pains. Mother nature is our doctor as her mountain air is crispy and clean. The power of the mountains also transfers itself into our souls and upon every return we feel cool, calm and focused on the tasks at hand.

As a bonus we had an interesting meeting this morning with the head of one of our partner NPOs, and he informed us that a committee decided to expand the coding training project to include another town that suffers with extreme unemployment opportunities for the youth. Apparently Apple has agreed to sponsor the project.
So watch this space, as we are planning an inspection trip to the town.
Such is life over here.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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Closer to the mountains another secret you never shared, moving is never fun more like a nightmare waiting to happen, yet we move on.

Have a wonderful evening and hopefully new partner training youth all works out for the best, to help children plan a future!

!LOLZ that squirrel taking off at great speed...

Did you hear about the cartoonist being investigated?
Police on the case say he has a sketchy past.

Credit: reddit
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Ever closer my friend and this is not our last stop until I get what I want. So many more nightmares await. Now I am looking for my reading glasses and they are hiding somewhere.

7 hour drive to that town and we are planning a 3 day summer visit. One of the trainers here has agreed to move over and that is such great news as he is one of the expert volunteers that we have been blessed with.

!LOLZ the squirrel was a stranger that will become a friend :)

Have you heard the one about the jump rope?
Never mind, skip it.

Credit: reddit
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It really seems that everything's going better at the moment - the new home is great and I am sure there will be squirrels visiting you too, the beautiful mountains are closer and the coding project is expanding - that sounds great Zac 👏😀

!WINE makes a delicious dinner with !PIZZA :)

Thank you again Hannes and yes, we are slowly coming alive again. So strange not to hear the traffic and the sirens anymore and it just shows how life can condition one. Also no evil tongues, so yes life is good again.

I was so happy to hear of the expansion and we are planning a 3 day visit to the town, as it is a 7 hour drive from here. There are also many mountains there and my camera will be happy 😊

Cheers and thanks.

Although I feel with the animals you left behind, I believe that you have done the right thing, my friend, and I wish that it goes on right that good way.

Maybe you like a !PIZZA fresh from the Oven 😋

Sad but true Hannes, as we have to consider our health first. That other place was really starting to affect us negatively, so we wiped their dust off our feet.

I think that Mother nature agrees with us as she gave me this today.

Or maybe you will like this one.

Cheers and thanks.

The decision to move to this new home was certainly hard but the best thing you could do, my friend, and Mother Nature is telling you the same as I can see in these lovely images.

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Sunday, Zac 🌞

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Such a strange thing happened Hannes. I think that you can remember that we found a large frog at the old house in the bathroom. I picked him up and set him free in our garden.
Now yesterday I saved a frog from being killed by little children and I set the frog free.

So strange and I am sure that there is a message that the Spirit wants me to see.

Only the animals and the birds that kept us at the old house so long, but Marian is no longer crying and the silence is spoiling us. It feels like a holiday.

Sunday was good and I hope yours as well 😄

Cheers and thanks.

Oh yes, I remember the story with the frog in your bathroom and maybe it really means something that you saved one again.

You will forget the other animals and you will meet new ones, my friend, and you're living in neverending holidays - how cool is that?

Today was hot and I spent most time at the computer - so my day was good as well 😁
Wishing you a good start into a wonderful new week ahead 🌞

Maybe you like a !PIZZA fresh from the Oven 😋

It could be , but I prefer to see it as meaning that we were set set free by God from a very toxic 3 year situation 😊

So cool that we are amazed now in every new day and the plan is to get some nice bell flower plants for this small garden to attract the sunbirds. I hear them and we are very close to the river so it will be easy to draw them.

Our day was also warm and it stays cold at night and glad to see that you had a good day.
I got this on a quick visit to the mountains today.

May you also have a good week my friend 🤞

Cheers and thanks.

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I'm amazed how your mountain looks like in your place. It's like big rocks. While in our place, our mountain here was full of trees and kind of scary to climb because there are lots of wild animals.

By the way sor, nice shots 🤗
Thank you for touring us.

Thank you and yes the mountains here are millions of years old.
We also have trees and wild animals here in Africa.
Glad that you liked the post

Your shots are awesome!
Moving closer to the mountains gives you positive energy, well that’s how I felt when I stayed a night near it. 😅
Good luck in your new place!

Thank you and I have always had a love of mountains. Of course also a love for the sea and we have both the mountains and the sea here.

Have some !PIZZA

That’s so nice! A perfect place then..
Sea and the mountains together are a gem! I would also want to live in soem place like that..

Thank you and yes now it's only to find my last permanent place over here.
We are blessed to have both of the mountains and the ocean here.


Mountains and animals, well, just a paradise for a nature lover!

A paradise indeed my friend and we love it here.


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