Forest tales, a short visual story

Some people think forests are nothing special. Just a bunch of mossy trees, with crooked trunks, with bushes among them, blackthorns, hawthorns, wild grass, herbs, etc.

Put like this, it really doesn't feel special, nor interesting.

Of course, the awesomeness and magic of the wild forest is revealed only to those who believe in the natural beauty and could open their souls for the invisible. Right then, the invisible becomes visible.

Only then one finds the magical creatures, because they feel all that and hide for the unenlightened.

I am grateful I have been permitted to see and freeze all that magic.











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So many details! Forest has so much to offer.

Forests always surprise me and reveal something new and beautiful to me!


Wow dear friend, you're definitely one of those people who intertwine photography with the spiritual.... That being so, that leads to your photos being uniquely emotional and eloquent.... I have been delighted reading what you wrote, and have been enraptured looking at each photo for several minutes to visually drink in all the magic each one has.... This was excellent!... Thank you!....

Thank you very much!
I know and see that Photography, in the present days, for most of the people is only a means to illustrate their day or/and take selfies, but for me, it is still a great Art :) As I love it, I take it seriously :)


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You took very close photos. But it is still beautiful. The greatness of the forest and its secrets are many

Thanks a lot :)

Beautiful the way you have presented nature here @lightcaptured 👍

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to you too! :)