Illegal Picnic in Greece

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Yesterday was "Clean Monday", a public holiday for us Greeks and we always celebrated this day by eating some greek delicacies and by flying kites in nature.

Our Prime-minister and all those "smart" people around him recently announced some new Covid-19 rules we all must follow and one of them is that citizens are allowed outdoor movement strictly within their municipality or in a distance of 2 km from their place of residence or else policemen will kick your ass (Proof of Greek Police beating a citizen)

Not everyone has a nice park next to their house so me and @illusivelf decided to not give a damn about this stupid rule and organized a picnic in a beautiful park called "Kipoi Tou Pasa"

Lagana bread and other delicacies

The park was full of people (and cute dogos) when we got there but we were lucky enough to find a great spot to chill.

Just look at how happy @illusivelf is after a couple of "tsipouro" shots and some tasty treats


Some folks were trying to fly their kites and others were just relaxing and enjoying this beautiful day! We could feel the happy vibes all around the park


It even rained for a couple of minutes but no one moved an inch. It was sunny most of the time though and damn, I sucked enough vitamin D for days!


A couple of friends joined us later, we had a ton of fun, drunk a ton of alcohol and of course devoured every single food we had with us hahaha!

I can't wait for our next illegal picknic and I'm sure it's gonna happen soon cause @illusivelf is picninc-maniac hahaha!

Until next time.

Live the life you want and not the life others are forcing you to live


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You had a very beautiful and exciting day, considering that you broke the law!
I really like tsipouro ... I hope I can cross the Greek border again this summer.

Stupid laws are meant to be broken! Yeap, it was a great day!

You love tsipouro?If you ever visit Thessaloniki text me and let's do a drinking competition hahaha! This tsipouro I drink is distrilled by me and my father! 100% pure

Thank you very much for the invitation! I don't know if I would face a drinking competition. I was only in Thassos and I intend to continue there because I really like the island and the owners of the hotel (they live in Thessaloniki). Of course, if I ever get to Thessaloniki I would love to drink it together.

What an amazing day! 😎
More picnic adventures coming soon heheh!😄😜