A Cloudy Walk in Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece and definitely the most beautiful one.

I moved here 6 months ago and I am more than happy with my choise. Not only I can finally skate some really sweet skate spots but I can also explore a huge city with so much to offer.

I couldn't visit any new places the past week cause it was constantly raining (still is) but I did enjoy a cloudy yet super-fun walk at the harbor of Thessaloniki accompanied by @illusivelf.


I recently bought a new smartphone and more specifically a Huawei Nova 5T and found this walk the perfect opportunity to test out my new "toy".

I started experimenting with the ISO and it was a blast.

Here is the very first photo I captured while messing around all these settings. I know it's not that great but for a weird reason I like it!


Here's a good one though.

Don't know if it's the angle or how beautiful ❤️ @illusivelf ❤️ is (maybe both?) but this one was by far the best photo I shot yesteday!


Even the legendary spot or Alexander the Great was completely empty. We skate this one every day so I was not that used looking at it empty. Feels weird hehe.


A long walk always feels good, especially when you have great company. Don't take any moment for granted and enjoy every single thing you do in your day.

Thank you all for taking the time readingmy blog.

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Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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Wow! That Alexander the Great statue is glorious! You guys skate that spot??? Legendary bro! That is coolaf man. I would love to visit Thessaloniki when we all get rich from crypto lol much love!

Hell yeah we skating this one dude. Waiting for you ✌️

Beautiful photos @knowhow92!😃 Oh and also beautiful words 😊❤️

❤️❤️ ❤️

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happy you liked them @ganjafarmer. I am not really into photography so this is one of my first "serious" attempts haha!

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