the Berry Barn (16 pics)

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If you live in Saskatchewan, chances are you have heard of the Berry Barn. A somewhat famous place to go for dinner, walk by the river, browse around the greenhouse, and buy some berries! Here are a few photos from a recent visit:


A wagon from yesteryear (to transport all the berries).


I am the worst at knowing my flowers (maybe @dswigle can help me out), but its a beauty anyways.






Who is Mrs B?




Sid & Nancy


Froggy boy


Choo choo, coming through.


Barrel ‘O flowers.


Makeshift church.


South Saskatchewan river.


Kinda looks like a cell tower.


A very happy Elephant!


Try and saddle this one.


The berry barn looks like a fun place to go to! I am a huge fan of berries and dinner! ;)

The flowers: The yellow one that you show first looks like a lily, I am guessing it is a Stella D'oro. I really like them and they are prolific bloomers. The next two are petunias and as you can see, they come in all different varieties and colors. Another very prolific bloomer and beautiful addition to any garden.

I like the fun decor and think it would be a worthy visit next time I am in Saskatchewan! I can jump the border again! Yay!

I hope this helped you! Have a great night!

Have you been to Saskatchewan before?

Thanks for your insight into the flower world. I knew you would have the answers?

I have been to Saskatchewan twice. The first time was a business trip to Regina and the second time was a road trip across Canada.

I would love to do that again, but, spend more time at each stop. It is a drop-dead gorgeous place!

You can always tag me for a flower. I might even know it. :)) Have a great night!

Let me know next time your in town..have a good night.

Absolutely!! Thank you!

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I see you have another bear encounter behind your belt! I think I have encountered the same earlier bear you did at Pyramid Lake! That's seems like a nice place to visit and spend the day. Been forever since I have visited Saskatchewan. Realistically, Saskatoon isn't that far from from Edmonton, I should go visit again soon and see that farm. I need some of that Giraffe in my life, they look pretty cool.

Definitely come visit someday, Saskatchewan is alright, but, still doesn’t compare to the awesome Canadian Rockies.

Of course not! But I can still appreciate other parts of the country too! I would like to see the polar bears in Churchill MB too one day.

Very true!

Looks like a fun place. I need to go up to Canada one day and visit some of the awesome places you share.

Yeah, someday come on up. Saskatchewan is ok, but the place to be is the Rockies to the west (where I often travel to).

WOW! Very nice place for dinner indeed! There are a lot of interesting things to see..... Yeah! The big bear is my most favorite. The sculptures of other animals are also very cute and amazing. All flowers in your photos are gorgeous with bright and lovely colors. The white church is nice. The river view is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. These make me feel refreshed. 🙂