Fishing Boats on Work

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Today is Saturday. The day of weekend walking. I walked on the European coast of Bosphorus. It was a cold day that It was hard to walk..


There were lots of fishing boats on the sea. They were fishing. This year was one of the most fruitful for fishing... There was quite a lot of fishing these days. Fishing boats surrounded the Bosphorus.


I took a few photos while I was walking.. They were fishing fast so as not to miss every moment.

After I walked on the coast of Bosphorus, I drank coffee in a coffee shop.. This place just opened. It was overlooking the marina in one of the most beautiful bays of Istanbul. It was first time for me to drink coffee in there...

Because it was cold, not many people went out. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to find an empty place on the side of the balcony...

Have a good weekend.

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i want to go on fishing but i dont know where i can do it where i live :(

good photos!

A beautiful morning without a doubt, what a beautiful fishing environment, for a moment I imagined myself standing on the shore and feeling the wind of the sea with open arms, very fascinating, I have not visited the sea for more than 8 or 9 years, here in Colombia it is about 12 hours away and the truth is very tiring.

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