Here Comes The Sun

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The sun is really coming. In this part of the world where I live, of course, the sun has always been with us, otherwise, we would not be together. It was still a colder sun. Now it seems to be getting closer and announcing the long-awaited spring.

I'm sorry I lost a few sunny Thursdays. Now I'm starting to fix it. Here come the sun and @uwelang knows that! Back to the contest.

The most spectacular photos of the sun are those taken at sea. Sunrise, sunset, beach, sea and, photography is spectacular. When you try the same recipe in town, it's harder. From the window of my house
I see a piece of sunrise, among houses, poles and, trees. The sunset, never.

Two years ago I lived in another city. Smaller, I could see the edges. which is very good. I was lucky that the apartment I lived in was on the tenth floor of a lonely block of flats. Alone because there were no others around and so the view was great.

The only downside was that I often had to wake up very early to admire the sunrise.

This is one of those sunrises.


But let's see how it got here, from the moment when the sun was not yet visible.






And then the day came! Here later, when the rain came.


This is the sun that I saw every morning (clear). It was the only time I met the sun every day, that is, I looked at it in the morning. That's how I saw that every day the sunrise was different.


I would like to say more about the sun but the title of the post is borrowed from the Beatles, of course. George Harrison is the author of this beautiful song, perhaps forgotten or unknown by the youngest.

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun, doo da doo doo
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right





Love this The Beatles song!

I'm glad to hear. Thanks!

beautiful day! Enjoy it!

Thank you very much!

I was wondering why I started humming that song while I was reading your post. Ha ha. Of course, it's right in the title. I love that amazing red-orange glow announcing that the sun is on its way.

Spring will eventually come to Minnesota too. We had a fresh snow last night after a day of warmer weather and lots of melting. A few steps forward, a few steps back.

You said exactly what was to come ... a few steps forward, a few steps back. This is the climate now. Good thing the sun is coming. Thanks a lot!

how are you friend @bluemoon good afternoon
What a beautiful selection of sunrise that you present us, I love the morning, but to take pictures I usually prefer the sunset, here where I live it gets more interesting
Thank you very much for these beautiful photographs
have a great day

It means that you and I complement each other, me with the sunrise and you with the sunset. In fact, as you say, it depends on what is more advantageous in terms of position against the sun. Sometimes sunrise, sometimes sunset. Thanks a lot for the comment.