Venetian Carnival Annecy , 28 pics

The Venetian Carnival takes place in Annecy every year in March, except that it has not been held for two years, so it was a highly anticipated event that lasts 2 and a half days in the most beautiful places of our town 😊




It was two weeks ago, I took photos for you in different places, and we start here at the entrance to the old town in front of the Saint François de Sales church

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Then here we are on one of the bridges that spans the canal, and you will realize it's not just any of our bridges when you'll see the famous building that is at the back...😉





yes, it is the Palais de l'Isle in the back, the old prisons of Annecy that I have already shown you several times... the most photographed building in the city ..😉




Behind these characters below, you can see the towers of the castle of the Dukes of Savoy...





this one makes me think of a rich golden snail with his house on his head...😁



people who participate in this carnival come from all over, not all the costumes are dazzling, and some are not very pretty...but they put a lot of work and attention for it, so it deserves a picture... 😉


We are now at the edge of the lake which also makes a wonderful setting for the costumes of the characters...



the couple below don't have full masks on, and I'd much rather see their eyes scrunched up in a smile, it's much happier than most masks frozen in a cold expression...




and we end with these two characters who complacently staged themselves for our pleasure....




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I wish you a wonderful weekend !


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The living statues are always amazing. I look forward to seeing these every year! With all the shots being stunning, it is hard to pick a favorite poser. :)

But, honestly, the thumbnail shot really stands out. And the man in white. I long to go back to see it in person once again! Stunning! Just absolutely beautiful!

@tipu curate

I suppose you have seen many of my venetian carnival captures along these years that we know each other my dear Denise 😄 Thank you so much for your support my beautiful friend 😘 artist_et_tableauredim.png

I enjoy it so much, it is always a pleasure @barbara-orneny!

But, honestly, the thumbnail shot really stands out.

I agree. The costumes in it are special, interesting and nice. Pleasant to look at. The rest is also special and interesting (I have not seen similars so far), but rather ugly. Except the angel costumes on the last three photos, which are also nice.

These are some really cool shots. Glad everyone got to get involved this time. I wonder if those masks count for the covid masks? ahhaha The Venetian masks kind of give me the creeps... and i love it. Thanks for sharing these here with us.

the two pandemic years made it awful here in Annecy as we have a lot of beautiful celebrations that have been cancelled, let's hope we will live a smooth and joyful spring at least ...😅

Yes, many events, parades, and social gatherings had been canceled here in Texas as well. Seems like things are beginning to get back to normal. Thanks again for sharing! =) Have a great weekend.

What a beautiful collection and what a fun event! I love the posing as well as how some of the characters blend into the background like they were intended. I have reblogged for other people's amusement and entertainment. Have a wonderful day.

I'm glad you have enjoyed it @wandrnrose7 😉 this carnival is indeed enhenced by the beautiful surrounding that is Annecy, its old town and its lake...these all go perfectly along together 😍

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thank_you_snail.png very much @choogirl and @pinmapple !!

All of these costumes are spectacular. It must be awesome to be able to enjoy that show in person. The photos look fabulous, they invite you to attend the event!!😍

We are used to see them every year but as we missed 2 years, it was wonderful to see the costumes again this year... 😉 Thanks for your appreciation @mballesteros 😊

Did you also wear a costume? 😁

No no 😁

All of these costumes are spectacular.

Something that I would not expect to see even in a video game. I have not seen any similar costumes so far. Maybe just/only the angel costumes on the last three photos.

looks awesome Barbara it reminds me of the living statues we had here in Holland :)
I've been trying to post pictures my self today but i keep getting stupid errors :(

yes, some are very compliant and nicely take poses...that's awesome for photos 😁 Thanks for your appreciation Mick, and I hope you'll manage to post today !

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Thank you much @pinmapple 😊

Mais c'est complètement fou, que de beauté sublime!

haha...merci @edouard pour ces jolis mots !😊

Ciao io a Venezia ci sono stata moltissime volte!
È una città bellissima e molto romantica!
Mi dispiace solo non esserci mai andata quando fanno il carnevale!
Complimenti di cuore è un bellissimo post
Ti auguro una buona serata

Grazie mille @luba555 😉 woof.png

Grazie è bellissima questa immagine!
Ti auguro una buona serata

What a gorgeous beauty!
Did you go on vacation to Venice?

Do these people allow themselves to be photographed freely? Or do they still collect money for it? In Barcelona, I photographed a man-statue, but I put coins in his hat.

A man with a palace on his head is a waterfall of emotions!

my English is not enough to express all the emotions. :)
What are the expressions for this in "American English"?

I undestand what you meant with the man and the house on his head 😉😁
I never went to Venice, but the venetian carnival comes to me each year, I'm very lucky 😅 They do it for free, there are a lot of professional photographers at this event, and if they want to sell their photos, they have to inform the "models", who have business cards that they give to hem , so that the photographer send them professional photos in payment...😉

This is so beautiful, all the colors, just incredible. I really need to visit Venice when there is a Carnival since I already saw so many beautiful pictures of costumes.

I'm sure it is even more beautiful in Venice ! Thank you for your comment @florian-glechner ! 😊

Oooh, did you meet Spider-Man there? 😂😂😂
He was also fighting water monsters somewhere out there.

yes these two look like some strange characters...maybe cosplays of some sort 😄

Wow... Me trasladó en el tiempo. He escuchado del Carnaval de Venecia pero nunca lo había visto. Me encantó. Que artístico. Me encanta que en tu país y en muchos paisés de Europa sigan mantieniendo tan viva su historia y le den el valor que merece. Me encanta Europa.

Gracias por compartirnos esta pieza de arte.

Hi Barbara, the costumes look amazing. It´s kind of like a trip back into the past and I´m happy to see such a long-standing tradition continuing on. Thanks for this :-)

These costumes and masks are incredible!

I've never been to Venice but my aunt did and I remember her coming home with like 3 masks like those. They are so full of details!

Wow so colorful, the carnival customs are beautiful. They really add to the beauty of the town. Thank you for sharing!

How gorgeous! Or should I say fascinating? I'm not quite sure how I feel when I see these people. Curious, perhaps?

 3 months ago Reveal Comment