Photography Lovers End of Year Contest Announcement

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Photo by @derangedvisions

Photography Lovers End of Year Contest


@derangedvisions here, and it is about time we have another contest here in the amazing Photography Lovers Community. We have had a great year here on Hive and here in the Photography Lovers Community. We are one of the largest communities on the Hive Blockchain and one of the go to communities for all of the photographers to share their work.

This contest will be a bit different than all of the previous contests I have hosted. 2021 has been an interesting year to say the least. We are all still dealing with the worldwide pandemic, but despite all of that, so many of you here on Hive has still managed to go out and capture some amazing photos. So I want to host a contest that allows you to gather your favorite shots from this year and share them with everyone.

Your entry for this contest should be filled with your favorite images and at least one short paragraph for each photo talking about what makes that photo your favorite. My team and I are not necessarily going to be looking for your best work, but more of what makes the photos your favorite, so it is going to be important for you to actually talk about your photographs. Anyone can just dump a bunch of their images into a post and call it good, but we want to know about each photograph.

You will need at least 3 images in your post for it to be valid. We will not be looking for single image posts, so don't waste your time trying to enter a post with just one image. Take your time to make your entry as good as possible, because once the contest is over, we will choose our top three posts and showcase them and the winners will get the post rewards from the announcement post. We will also be curating the entries that we feel deserve some extra rewards as well. So put some effort into your posts and don't just rush to get something in for the contest because not every entry will be curated.


Photo by @derangedvisions

Here is the list of rules that need to be followed for your post to be considered:


  1. One entry per person. You get one shot, so make it count.
  2. Your post must be made in the Photography Lovers Community and the title of your post should be "Photography Lovers End of Year Contest"
  3. You need at least three photos and at least one paragraph per photo talking about the images. The more images, the better though. I am sure you got more than three awesome photos this year.
  4. Your photos need to have been taken during 2021. No sharing your old vacation photos from the 1900s.
  5. Photos must have been taken by you. If you steal someone else's work, you will be downvoted and muted in the community.
  6. Contest will run until the end of 2021 and winners will be chosen shortly after the New Year.
  7. You MUST comment on this post with your post link and at least one of your images. Failure to do so will most likely mean your post will not be a valid entry.
  8. Post must be written in English. It is easiest for the judges to not have to translate anything when going through posts.


Photo by @derangedvisions

Things to remember:

Not every post will be curated.
If you do not follow the rules, your post will be ignored.
Your post quality will go a long way with this contest. So take some time and put some effort into your post. We won't necessarily be choosing the most amazing photography to win the contest. If your post is interesting and entertaining, you have a great chance of doing good in this contest compared to someone that puts in minimal effort with great photos.

Once your post is complete, make sure to check back on this post and be sure you have followed all of the rules. Failure to follow the rules will mean your post will most likely be skipped. I can't stress this enough. It just makes the contest run a lot smoother for everyone.

We are looking forward to seeing your entries!


This is my entry to the contest. It was also the reality for a lot of people in British Columbia in the past five years.

These are some of the photographs I took in July and August of 2021 during the peak of the wildfire season.


Nice and stunning image

Wow. Stunning capture and I'm pretty sure it was quite risky taking it!
Nice work with the color grades as well!

This is so cool. Setting the bar high right out the gates. Great job.

very lovely

This is amazing! will surely be very heard to match

this is awesome!

Awesome idea. I will stop by with an entry later ;) Good luck everyone!

@tipu curate

Nice. I am sure yours is going to be awesome.

It is with ardent humility that I submit my entry into the "End of Year Contest". My greatest appreciation for this opportunity!


Awesome entry man. Thanks for participating.

Can you edit your comment to include an image from your post so that your entry follows the rules?

Fixed everything, ready! Sorry)

Awesome. Thanks

Hi, here's my entry for the Photography Lovers End of Year Contest, cheers.

So many awesome photos in this one

Thank you so much for the support Wes

We all are trying to make the decision difficult for you 😜😜

There are a lot of good entries in this.


Thanks for putting up this contest. It was fun creating my entry post.

You can check it out here;

Thank you for organizing this photo contest 😍 It's indeed the best way to cap off our year as photographers.


Here's my entry for the year end contest ♥️ Hope you take some time to read the stories behind each photographs 😄

Thank you for the opportunity here. It was great to look back and scroll through the old photos. Here's my entry. Good luck everyone!


This is a fun entry. Thank you for participating.

Thank you for running the contest and giving us the opportunity to select our loved photos :)

What a great idea for the contest, I won't be joining it myself but look forward to seeing all the entries

You should make an entry for this. I would love to see what you consider your favorite photos you have taken this year. Thanks again for chipping in with some prizes for the community.


Here is my entry to the contest. It's great that you made it into the contest, I would have done my showcase anyway like the past 3 years 😀.


This is my entry to the year end contest. A year of personal growth in my photography, some amazing experiences, and exploring my local area more.

Social Media_Dyptre_CanGeo2327.jpg

Hi everyone, here's my entry post to the contest. Would love to get some feedback despite the comtest on it :)

Thanks for organising!

Year 2021 in 21 of my favorite photos.

Was it a shitty year?

Let's find out here :)


Wishing you all happy holidays and good health! :)

Hi, thanks @derangedvisions for hosting this contest and your interesting idea. We all have our own stories, this is the right opportunity to look back and appreciate.
And here is my post

The final days of 2021 are approaching; it is also a time to reflect on our e...


Damn. This is awesome

Hi friends, this is my entry to the contest with the best of my 2021

PLEOYC (1).jpg

This is my entry. How quiet my city was during sometime of this year under the social distance due to the pandemic.


Better late then never. Even though 2021 was not the year in where I accelerated in photography terms.


Wishing you Happy Holidays

Being about our year, about how my year was, resulted in a perhaps too personal post. I hope it's not boring! It has helped me remember many moments from the year that is now ending, my photographic memory is much better than my internal memory.

Photography Lovers End of Year Contest-Unforgettable from 2021


Hey! This is my entry into the contest

The images were taken here on the east coast of Australia during the year

Good luck to everyone! & I really hope everyone has a great New Year too :)


Here is my entry😊


2021 sure has been an eventful year for myself. Alot of life milestones achieved 😊

Here I left my entry for the contest, it was fun and made me think a lot, but I really loved making a post like this.

These are some of the photos I took this year, at least the ones that marked some very important moments.

You need to edit your comment and include a photo from the post.

Ready my friend !


What a strange year it has been, telling it in photography format one remembers somethings one may wish to forget, yet somehow we coped and thanks to nature, photography and Hive we have made it so far....

My entry: Positive Mindset 2021 Photography Lovers End of Year Contest

I want to enter the competition with these photos. Thank you for the opportunity.picsart_12_17_03.15.38.jpg

This post does not follow the rules of the contest. Check Rule #3

Sorry. I corrected.

Here’s My entry, I hope you guys like it ✨

Portrait 488.jpg

intresting and appealing suggest. reblogged, and will try to apply.

Looking forward to your entry.

A surprise. I'm very happy. Hope I can contribute

I'm very excited to following the contest, can i join in...?

Of course, why wouldnt you be able to?

Ok, good. I will try my best for this contest.
Thank you very much

buenas tardes, por aqui dejo mi entrada gracias..!!


Hey there, what's the submission deadline?

Contest will run until the end of 2021 and winners will be chosen shortly after the New Year.

There is also a countdown displayed on this post.

Ahhh sorry! Thanks for clarifying

Congratulations! You've been awarded with upvote from The Creative Coin Fund.
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Thank goodness I came across this, I will be back with my works.
Great opportunity to showcase some of my lovely pics.
Besides being in the medical world and writing mostly medical articles, I also love photography.

Let me go and craft my post in no time

2ao nice glad I won't miss out on this

Excellent initiative, reminiscent of the year-end summing up
But what if your favorite photos have already been published on the site? Can they be applied for this competition or is it necessary to have something previously unpublished?

That is fine. Just be sure to include some descriptions and stuff about your photos.

Yes, sure🖐️ 😊

How fun! What a smart way to make a visual time capsule for the 2021 year.

Excellent, I will participate to share all my progress in photography this year, thank you for this initiative for all !

This entry does not fit the purpose of the contest. All you did was take a couple pictures of the road

i hope i'll have time to join, this is fun and awesome.

This the entry to the contest. It's all the nature around me, At the place am staying.

Hi lovers! Here we go my pictures are taking from my smart phone.
48MP camera...

This the entry to the contest. It's all the nature around me, At the place am staying.


Hi lovers! Here we go my pictures are taking from my smart phone.
48MP camera...

You need to edit your comment and include a photo from the post.

Done Sir thanks

Thank you for this awesome contest which brought back many happy memories of 2021, I'm no photographer but all were of special moments...and delicious food ;)
Hope you enjoy it!

Howdy Lizelle, you need to include a link to your post for it to be a valid entry. Just edit your comment and plug in the url to your post. Thanks.

I loved this contest, I will bring my entry for sure. Thanks for this opportunity to relive the best moments of this year. Greetings, friend @derangedvisions

Hello, can we upload photos that we previously uploaded on this page?

I may not be able to post due to my hive dollars insufficient power up

Okay let's do this.


The first harvest of my father's sideburns, it was a moment of joy to see the fruit of what is sown.


The first harvest of my father's sideburns, it was a moment of joy to see the fruit of what is sown.


you need to include a link to your post for it to be valid

here I leave my participation to this great community and contest


Hello Photography Lovers, I hope everyone's doing well. Here is my participation in the contest:

Thank you :)

This is an absolutely brilliant contest😀

I had so much fun going through so many of my pictures from 2021. I realised that even though we are in a pandemic, much had happened to me in 2021.

Thank you for this contest and this is my entry :


I love to join here too 🥰

Hi @derangedvisions and the Photography Lovers community, here is the link to my entry post into your End of the Year Photo Contest and one of my 3 photos. Regards, Angie

New Note.jpeg

Hello Everybody

Here's my entry to the contest. I hope you enjoy the (mostly) hiking pictures :)

2021-09-12 'Cloud Poke Peaks 1' - 1600W.jpg

Hi one question please
Should the photos be "new" or out of the postings from 2021?

The best shots of 2021.... with at least 3 and good info and description on what the images are all about.

Thank you for the reply :-) I will look what photos I find