The Wandering Mind: An original music composition with epic fantasy vibe to let our thoughts take flight (Music Video + Making of)

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Click above to watch video and listen tot he song "The Wandering Mind"

Spring has arrived (though it remains unusually cold where I live and I still feel I'm in hybernation) but I wanted to share this video I've just finished editing. It is called "The Wandering Mind" and compiles two different locations in Navarra (Spain) where I live. It was born from pure improvisation, I composed the tin whistle flute part on the spot and then I added more instruments and improved the audio at my home studio. I call this collection of almost improvised compositions in Nature "Incantations" and I've already made compositions for every season and points in between all through The Wheel of the Year. This is its most recent addition.

solitary tree -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg


Above: There are bearded vultures and Griffon Vultures in the area. Spain also contains 75 percent of the world’s Griffons (also known as "Spanish Vultures"). They are scavengers and sometimes in these plains you can find the ossuaries which certainly turn into eerie places. Still they were hovering over our heads when I filmed this and the wing span and gliding is so majestic and magnificent that my mind was soaring on their wings. Despite what many people think I find them really beautiful too.


I have a weak spot for solitary trees... So when I spotted the place, the naked branches crowning the extensive plain I just picked my tin whistle out of the bag (and happened to be already wearing an appropriate garment as I filmed part of "Why don't you let go?" (check my previous song) that day and I had brought some


You can download the song here

For those wishing to support further you can download/purchase the song from my bandcamp page at where I also have my entire discography (except for the covers) both the ones that are on spotify and those which are only on youtube and patreon.
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the wandering mind_flute.gif>

Though I'm grateful enough to share it here and really thanks in advance for all the feedback you can provide. Grateful if you can leave a comment on my youtube channel too to make it grow.
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ps. Note: Thanks to Eve Platero for my handmade Oak earrings and "Los Tesoros de la Ayalga" for my beautiful crown. Collar is faux. I don't support fur trade (in any way) not even for historical reenactment.

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All photos in this post are (c) to myself @yidneth in collaboration with @hedac
Filmed in Navarre, Sppain (late 2021 and early 2022)

If you liked this one consider to watch my playlist of "MUSIC INCANTAITONS IN NATURE"

As I mentioned these compositions I compose in Nature are more candid and folk but full of spirit. I have been filming many all through the seasons. Here's a youtube playlist compiling them all

Priscilla Hernandez singer/songwriter



Lovely as always, my friend. I listen to a lot of epic music while writing, and this is perfect. Sending you love across the sea! 💖

Awe 🥰 hi! Lovely to see you here :).

My sweet dragon princess, it is an honour to be a music companion in your creative endeavors

Beautiful melody, but I can't help but feel that something is missing in the video. Or are my old eyes just not seeing the little ones?

They are there but of course, maybe too blended in because the colours are desaturated, but how could they not be? Especially if I publishedthis post 4th of April International rats Day (seriously) 🐀 wanted to make another post but felt it wasnot ok to publish twice in a day after weeks break lol 🤣

Then in honor of International Rats Day, I will go back and watch the video again until I spot at one of them.

Youtube count to 1 million plays soon with you trying to find them lol. They are there, promised. They are not easy in this one, maybe Ritva (white) the other two are blended masterfully I may say. Thanks for stopping by youtube to leave a comment.

Always Amazing!!! I adore & treasure your art. Please, never stop creating & sharing 💗

Very great theme! Those drone shots look fantastic! I was pretty sure they were also buzzards, small eagles that we also have here. Am I right?

Take care, beautiful work guys!

Beautiful! The landscape is somewhat reminiscent of that in The Lord of the Rings / New Zealand but it also reminds me of the Canary Islands.

Very peaceful and beautiful and I love those vultures too! Great cinematography and editing!

Um abraço!

I was born in the Canary Islands ❤️❤️ but I live now in North of Spain. I think landscapes in Canary islands is way different but love you still got that vibe because though I am elsewhere it will always be my homeland

Muito Obrigada. Gracias

I didn't know you were born en las islas canarias! What island? I spent half a year on El Hierro from September 2016 to March 2017. The nature's energy was amazing there! And the silence, wow!

Un abrazo!

Oh yes, proud Canary Islander, though I live North of Spain's mainland now. I was born in La Palma (yes the one with the recent volcano) and I lived some time too in Tenerife. So the video is not there but made me happy you mentioned. By the way hope you enjoyed your stay and some mojo and papas arrugadas and our culinary treats. 🎵✨

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Beautiful sweets. Very calming and energetic at the same time!

Thank you,music is still my grounding, my rock in the middle of the storms

Very beautiful song ✌️

Thank you so much

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