Boris band from Japan performing live in TelAviv.

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The year 2019 was rich with the wonderful music that was brought by artists from japan - the rock bands MONO and BORIS. I wrote a post about MONO and today I would like to post the images I photographed during the Boris band live performance in the Barby music avenue located in the southern part of TelAviv.
And at this time the place was packed with people of different ages. I was less familiar with their albums until the day of the show announcement. I was surprised that they already released 26 albums during 25 years of their existence. Very high productivity of the high-quality content.


"Boris (ボリス, Borisu) is a Japanese experimental rock band formed in 1992 in Tokyo and composed of drummer Atsuo, guitarist/bassist Takeshi, and guitarist/keyboardist Wata. All three members participate in vocal performance. Boris has released more than twenty studio albums on various labels around the world, as well as a wide variety of live albums, compilations, EPs, singles, and collaborative albums. They have collaborated with acts such as Sunn O))), Merzbow, Keiji Haino, and guitarist Michio Kurihara." (from WIKI)




















BORIS with MERZBOW - "Huge"

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These are fabulous shots, Victor! I know little to none about them, but, based solely on the shots you took, I want to hear them.

You really do have magic fingers that work together with your eyes taking the perfect shots.

Hey Denise!
thank you for taking a look and for the kind words.
I spent a few years photographing bands mostly at night and mostly for free. I have a huge collection of documentary shots of local and entrant bands from around the world. The year 2020 was like living in a coffin - horrible for bands, music, and for the whole ART.

It was a horrific year that nobody that is alive will ever forget. That is a perfect analogy: like living in a coffin.

Thanks for the always interesting/artistic/insightful shots.

my pleasure Denise :-)

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thank you

These photos are fantastic. The show looks absolutely nuts. The right kind of nuts.
Man I miss shows

thank you very much
the shows all the time happened here, just in pirates manner. but right now everything is open who knows how long will this status stay open

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