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Whats up beautiful people????
How are you all doing???

It is yet another beautiful time here in this wonderful community and I am so delighted to be a part of it . Before I proceed, I'lld love to give a shout out to the highly valued and amiable administrators, moderators and members of this respective and reputable community and for the relentless efforts invested and diverted into this community for the growth, prosperity and advancement.
of it.
To appreciate and celebrate this cause, I'd be dedicating this presentation specially to the music community.
Today, i'd be presenting the song titled "For My Hand" ....a song by Nigerian singer Burna Boy, featuring vocals from English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It was released through Atlantic Records on 8 July 2022 as the second single from Burna Boy's sixth studio album, Love, Damini, along with the album.
I hope you enjoy this piece and in this rendition remember that I love you all so dearly.



**SPANISH 🇪🇸🇪🇸

Que tal gente linda???? ¿¿¿Como están??? Es otro hermoso momento aquí en esta maravillosa comunidad y estoy muy feliz de ser parte de ella. Antes de continuar, me encantaría agradecer a los administradores, moderadores y miembros altamente valorados y amables de esta comunidad respectiva y respetable y por los esfuerzos incansables invertidos y desviados en esta comunidad para el crecimiento, la prosperidad y el avance.

de eso Para apreciar y celebrar esta causa, estaría dedicando esta presentación especialmente a la comunidad musical. Hoy presentaría la canción titulada "For My Hand"... una canción del cantante nigeriano Burna Boy, con la voz del cantautor inglés Ed Sheeran. Fue lanzado a través de Atlantic Records el 8 de julio de 2022 como el segundo sencillo del sexto álbum de estudio de Burna Boy, Love, Damini, junto con el álbum.

Espero que disfruten de esta pieza y en esta interpretación recuerden que los amo mucho a todos.



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A big applaud for you, this presentation is amazing. Twas so enjoyable that I began to sing along. Kudos 👍

Thanks alot deary....this means alot.
Thanks for stopping by.🤗🤗🤗🤗

The sax man. E b like say e don reach a year now I never see you, hehe
How you dey nah??
I love this bro. Keep rocking it. I dey with you always
You do d song of my guy Burna, the guy dey burst my brain with his vibes. He's got great talent in singing
Nice one bro

Thanks alot chief....burna is the real deal brotherly....
You valid boss
Thanks once again man💯💪🎼💯

You are welcome sir

It has been very refreshing to listen to you, I think this music makes people happy because of its rhythm and charisma. Your interpretation has been excellent, although I have not heard it, you have infected me with your energy.
Greetings and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Thanks alot for these sweet an encouraging comment dear friend @mirel0510 ....I'm so glad you enjoyed it.....thanks for stopping by...


Every time I hear cool songs like this on the Sax it makes me want to try playing one.Nice work here bro.

It isn't really a bad idea afterall...lol
Thanks alot for these beautiful comment friend. I really appreciate you .
Thanks for stopping by

Saludos hermano @tobbysax

Increíble el sonido que sale a través de tu instrumento, asombrosa expresividad y carisma. Yo estaba considerando en el futuro aprender a tocar Saxofón porque me parece un instrumento maravilloso y sumamente versátil, eres un excelente ejecutante.

Un abrazo fraternal

Greetings Brother @tobbysax

Amazing the sound that comes out through your instrument, amazing expressiveness and charisma. I was considering in the future to learn to play Saxophone because I find it a wonderful and extremely versatile instrument, you are an excellent performer.

A fraternal embrace

It really isn't a bad idea having knowledge about the saxophone...it could help one go a long way musically. Thanks alot brother @guitarmcy .this means alot.
Thanks once again for stopping by.