TDC Tunes on Brixton Radio - 46th Show - FULL replay

in Music4 months ago

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The full 70 minute long replay of my most recent show on Brixton Radio.

Creating electronic music live with my unique blend of buzzes, bleeps, fizzles and noises, all created on a modular synth wall.

This one features some new samples and setup and a focus on my portable live case with some extra elements from my other cases added in too.

You can see the full details I'm using in the portable live case (most of what you hear in this video) over at:

Can't beleive I've now done 46 Brixton Radio shows - coming up on the big 50 soon!

Thanks as usual to @stickupboys for being around and doing @risingstargame giveaways in the chat! If you play Rising Star come along next time and give them a poke for a lucky dip prize!

I'm live every Monday at 9pm UK time - when I'm broadcasting on Brixton radio. You can listen there, or you can watch on Twitch or VIMM (I'm tdctunes on both).

Other sets mid week are chilled and allow a deep dive into sound design and modular synths - or just something really experimental!

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Nice one bro, was kicking show! !PIZZA and !LUV

Thanks as always!


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What a great show as I am finally listening to it now. I was bummed I couldn't make it live this week but what's a birthday girl to do? ;)

I look forward to hanging with you guys next time, glitches & all! ✨ 💚



Erm - I think it's good that you put going out on your birthday first! Your special mode still got played though so you were there in spirit!


YAY! I will be there tomorrow so looking forward to it! :) 💚 ✨



Admit it, you just wanted an excuse to use that GIF 😂 🤣 💚

Thank you for sharing your show.

Those are a lot of knobs/controls. :)


Lots of knobs/controls yes - but don't forget wires - lots and lots of those too and it wouldn't do anything without them!

Thanks for the curation!

LOL. I was mesmerized by the number of the knobs/controls that I missed the wires. :)

haha - the wires are a big part of it - I even did a competition to guess how many there are...

The setup has a lot of "dangling" wires. lol. The companies who made this devices should have at least thought of placing the sockets on the sides. :)

But then I wouldn't be able to rewire everything so easily every day!


Congrats on having done 46 Brixton Radio shows - all coming up on the big 50 soon, you are doing great.

Oh yes good point - maybe I should do something special for show 50! I've actually been doing them about 18 months because I started with monthly and then switched to weekly after about 6 months (plus a couple of holidays).

Have a great day!



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Really great show with interesting music. Thanks for sharing.

Hey thanks so much!

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