Electronic Music in the garden...

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We have a heat wave in the UK and my studio fan is not up to the job of keeping me from baking!

So it was into the garden for my 52nd Brixton Radio show...

Now it was a long time since I last broadcast from the garden and I forgot the obvious - that the sun goes down and it gets dark!

So I neglected to set up any proper lighting so the show got darker and darker till about half way through no-one could see anything. Ah well people do apparently like 'dark mode'! This video clip is a section from the first half of the show and you can already see it getting dark towards the end...

Also in this show - you've heard of my magic musical table, but what about the magic musical step ladder?! This time a step ladder joined the "TDC Tunes Band" and I attached my contact microphone to it. I used it for all sorts of things but in this excerpt you can see some scraping and sanding on the step ladder generating some interesting atmospheric sounds and percussion!

Big shoutout for the awesome conversations going on in the Twitch chat about all sorts of things but this time including a fab chat about analogue synths between @stickupboys @ravenmus1c and @pixiepost
One of my favourite topics so look out for a post talking about these soon!

Thanks for watching and being awesome Hive and see you next week for more electronic modular madness!

Check out my original electronic music via:
❤️ Thank you! ❤️

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Loving it!! listening to it now. 😎

Awesome - thank you!

it got dark there quickly!

It did didn't it! Not much after that it was totally dark with just a few twinkly lights showing on thew stream...

😄 Great set, really enjoyed the tunes in the last 20mins.

Thank you!


I like the jams brother keep it up sounds good as my feet starts tapping and my head bounces up and down lol

Thanks very much for listening! I'm live every Monday from 9pm UK time on Brixton Radio and Twitch. Most of the Twitch channel is people from hive chatting - would be lovely to see you there sometime!

Hope you have a fantastic week!


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Thank you @mypathtofire and @ecency!

GREAT bro, feeling the beat on the track, I like those melodic math and offbeat progressions 💪🤘🎶 !!

Thank you! Yes there are some rhythms I program in to be fairly precise (notably the kick and sometimes the hi hats) but a lot of the rhythms use combinations of randomness and euclidian patterns. And the main melodic sequence is often an odd number of beats like 5 7 or 9 beats long so rotates relative the the bar to create a much longer more interesting pattern.

Cheers for listening and hope you're having a great week!

It was a blast as always! The music always starts my week off great. I just loved the garden atmosphere & that deck 😂. (I know, I know - don't get you started! 🤣 ) Definitely make more like that!

Looking forward to next week already! :) 💚 ✨


hahaha re: deck. I said DONT get me started. It's a sore point hahahaha

If it's still hot here this time next week I'll be back in the garden again for sure - studio is way to hot to stream from. It's actually fine in the mornings but streaming makes my computer generate a lot of heat and the door is normally closed because my son is in bed for the weekly show. Anyway I enjoyed the outdoors - might just add an extra light next time!

Thanks again for all your support!


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Perfect background music for listening while searching for great posts for @Ourpick! :)
PS. I like your garden setup!

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Thanks for listening - if this hot weather keeps up I'll be in the garden next week too - this time with extra lighting!

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Wow! Such a lovely set up you have there. I love the garden feels. Outdoor music party is so cool.
Happy midweek!

Made in Canva


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Very nice! Beautiful work. I know someone else who would love this, too
If they're still around that is, they might be busy chasing that dream....