50th Show Highlight: Chilling (?) at 50 bpm

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50 bpm for 50th show

A highlight from my 50th show on Brixton Radio. To celebrate I was back on the full modular wall and only multiples of 50 bpm (speed).

We did 50bpm, 100bpm and 150bpm and I actually think I mostly liked this slower 50bpm section (which is the slowest I've ever played). What do you think?

Mid stream artwork!

Big thanks to @primaudia for capturing the following and turning into a piece of art for viewers - during the show! That's the first time anyone has done anything remotely like that and I think it's super awesome.

Image Credit: @primaudia (based on a screenshot from the show)

I love the interactivity of the audience on the show now to the point that sometimes I want to stop playing and just chat with you guys in the chat channel!

Twitch Bot

Oh yes and the twitch bot allowing you to change the lights in my studio was back after a few weeks off.

There was a new camera angle too - looking directly down from the top of the modular wall. Viewers on Twitch can also issue commands to change the camera angles.

In other words I'm getting help from viewers to run the visual aspects of the show so I can concentrate on the music!

See you next week

I'm live every week from 9pm uk time on Brixton Radio and my Twitch channel.

Thanks again to Brixton Radio for airing my crazy electronic music making!

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Always great to tune into your streams mate, and also to know i'm not the only sound junkie out there XD

Thank you! Special surprise coming tonight btw!

Just listened to your highlights. It sounds very relaxing and calming, and I am going to assume that this was the 50bpm part of your session. Hope that you enjoyed your 50th show! :)

Have some !PIZZA

It was indeed 50bpm!

You can always catch the full replay on Twitch for 14 days after broadcast btw:


I'll try and tune in one afternoon before it disappears! :)

This is hallucinatory. The amount of resources required to achieve an effect like this is impressive. Brutal brother. I look forward to seeing more of your content. Blessings

Thank you! Have a great day!


Thanks for the great show !

You're welcome!


Loved the camera light changing thing. Really cool. !PIZZA

Thanks - yeah I'll try and add at least one new mode each week. Ideas welcome!

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Really slow music lets you get deep into it. Great to see you have an active audience.


Yeah and just because it's slow doesn't mean there can't be lots of interest/things going on (though space is important too!)

Hope you're having a great week!


I'm not too bad, but still getting over COVID. Did have a fun gig on Sunday.


Good to hear you are recovering - hope it's speedy.


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