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In today's post, I'll show you a summer day that started sunny and ended cloudy with a bit of soft, quite enjoyable rain. I mean, a bunch of old photographs taken on that occasion is all you are about to see here, not the entire day.


The year was 2016. 5th of September was the exact date.

This is the Limenitis reducta, commonly known as the southern white admiral.

A butterfly from the Nymphalidae family.

Here you can see a bit of the scenery. Shrubs. Small trees. Fern. All that good stuff.

In this shot, I zoomed in on some barren branches and the Clematis vitalba climbing plant that has produced plenty of fluffy seeds.


The butterfly was flying back and forth along the line of shrubs by the side of the dusty, unpaved road, and stopped to rest on the Rubus ulmifolius plant on a few occasions.


Each time the Limenitis reducta stopped, I took a couple of butterfly portraits.

You can see me doing a sunbathing meditation in this photograph. I mean, it wasn't a proper meditation. I'm just posing. Just pretending. The sunbathing was real though.

At one point, the butterfly landed on the delicious fruits of the Rubus ulmifolius.


Rubus ulmifolius is a very sweet and fragrant species of blackberry. In the following photograph ...

... you can see the clouds approaching.

The change of the weather brought a heavy, sultry air.


Here you can see me enjoying the refreshment in the shallows. I was running back and forth between the land & the sea, from in front to behind the camera, to get these shots.

I like this kind of weather. I mean, is a bit heavy from a meteoropathy perspective, but it looks cool in photographs.


An hour later, after a short rain ...

... a small piece of rainbow appeared above the scenery across the bay.

And that's it. The post is almost over. Some minutes from now, when I publish these summer memories ...


... I'll continue playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here you can see a screenshot I took earlier today. Exploring some ancient ruins filled with traps & treasures was an unforgettable experience.



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Wow that did turn cloudy in a hurry. Looks like a fantastic hike as it was with the butterflies and sun but the next chapter turned quick. Great to see you enjoy the water too.

Been too long since I played Skyrim! Was fun from what I remember!

Yes, Skyrim can provide a lot of fun. 😀 It's a huge fantasy land with many things to do.

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Good pictures my friend, nothing like meditating or sitting a few good minutes under the sun, besides when you are surrounded by nature everything turns out to be more comforting. On the other hand, the butterflies of the Nymphalidae family have always seemed to me the most delicate, but we must also recognize that they are very colorful for the great variety of colors that have their bodies, they are the most common that we can see in nature. Excellent photographic compilation, the rainbow one was also great. greetings @borjan.

Yay! 🤗
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Loved the butterfly and the dramatic clouds.

Wow there was everything: sun, butterfly, intense gray clouds, a rainbow... Loved the clauds since that second little photo on the right, with those branches on the foreground. Your photos on the water look great too! Surely there was work behind them 😅 isn't that water super cold by the way?

Aww, that's so lovely, you Followed the butterfly and it took you to the beautifulness and help you capture some fantastic photographs, I got really impressed by your meditation pose. I think would had to pose your head straight in the air :D to make it more real. Nature is unpredictable and you got to see and experienced rain out of nowhere. What a beautiful picture of rainbow after the rain.

Mis 🦋💜 hermosas, solo falta que hagas unas tomas de una metamorfosis de oruga a 🦋.

Y la foto del arcoiris 😁 está genial una gran toma.

The sun is about to set when you took this picture

The butterfly looks very beautiful, the color combination really looks very enchanting

These pictures are insanely beautiful and aesthetic!😮‍💨 Hell nah,the picture w the rainbow is absolutely stunning!

Spectacular photos friend @borjan !!

You did a great shots and I like that little rainbow.

It's nice to see that the storm came, and eventually a rainbow appeared.

I love the butterfly shots and the rainbow. They are indeed beautiful 😍. Thank you for sharing. ❣️

Lucky that rain is happening in your area. In my area, temperature is breaking previous records exceeding 45° celcius and no sign of rains yet. The plants at my garden are dying due to extreme heat and dryness.

Awesome to see more Butterflies shared Today, so pretty! !HUG

Now relax and enjoy your Gaming !PGM 😎

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Definitely that weather looks very cool in the photos, it seems quite mysterious and even a bit intimidating but it looks great in the photos!

Very well shots dear. You bring me closer to reality. Especially the seen of clouds is just awsome. Love it.

@borjan Good photos my friend! 👌

You have the talent in photography. I love the pictures with the butterflies.

Some of the pictures that I show are really very beautiful