We've raised our buy-in price for Creative Coin by 2% to .00589166 Hiv ...

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We've raised our buy-in price for Creative Coin by 2% to .00589166 Hive. Next Thursday: .00600949. #creativecoin #leofinance Posted via D.Buzz

Posted via D.Buzz


Do you really need to self-upvote this into the creativecoin trending ?

It did not occur to us that it would be on trending because of our vote! We'd like as many eyeballs on our news and updates as possible, so it seems like a plus.

In the past @notcreative used to nullify CCC upvotes on posts like this. Seems the account powered down its whopping 1,000,000 CCC stake, so there is nothing to fear from that (other than @notcreative tanking the CCC price that is, let's hope @derangedvisions or whoever took over that account won't end up doing that). Still seems like a good thing to continue honoring the spirit of what @notcreative used to stand for, and to keep the trending page on creativecoin.xyz for content that is actually in the creative playfield.

Hoping to grow to half the size of the old @notcreative size myself this year in support of the community. I currently have most of my CCC stake delegated to the Hive Book Club community.

As things are going right now, I probably delegate most of my stake to the Book Club community again next year, as I'm doing now, but then again, with @notcreative gone and financial posts cluttering up the trending page, maybe I should find the time to resurrect my Silent Bob CreativeCoin curation initiative and see if I can add part of what @notcreative used to stand for to the curation efforts.

We have differing philosophies, but a common objective, which is the health and vibrancy of the Creative Coin community.

One of the ways the Creative Coin Fund supports the community is by delegating to what we're terming 'external curators.' These are curators that act independently of the Creative Coin Fund, but which are dedicated to Creative Coin curation. We are supporting one external curator at the moment, with a delegation of 50,000 CCC.

If you did revive the Silent Bob curation initiative, we would like to support it with a similar delegation.

Thanks for engaging with us. It's great to talk to someone as passionate about Creative Coin as we are!

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