Worldbuilding Prompt #510 - Newspaper Ad

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Someone has taken out a newspaper ad that isn't the usual buy/sell/services style of content. What is in the ad, and who might answer it? Ex: A cryptographic riddle, a cryptic message, or perhaps a message targetted to the reader that holds a secret nobody else could know.

I have a love-hate relationship with the fiction podcast TANIS by PNWS. In it, the main character is seeking a magical mcguffin known as TANIS... an area or item that isn't entirely of this world, and part of finding TANIS is building a group of people that have certain qualities. He puts out an ad in the paper simply stating "Seeking TANIS, Runner Available", which sets off the entire rest of the show, really.

Almost nobody would pay a phrase like that any mind beyond thinking it's weird, but to a very small set of folks - those words demand a response.

...And that's what I was thinking of today when I created this prompt. Have fun with it!

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