Worldbuilding Prompt #446 - Dreams

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Weekly Topic: Sleep
Do people in your world believe dreams have meaning? How codified is that belief, and do dreams actually have any power in your world?

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Just found worldbuilder the other day. I have a novel idea that has been floating around for awhile. So far your prompts have been very inspirational towards building out that novel idea. I look forward to seeing more prompts and maybe participating one of these days :)

Go for it ! I'd love to see more people contributing to the Worldbuilding community. I find the prompts brilliant as well, just wish I had time to respond to all of them.

I find them great as a way to come up with the side-stories and bits of background that don't make it into the main game (I'm primarily an RPG gamer rather than an author). Even though the players don't directly get involved in the stories around the posts I write here, the information is there for them to interact with, and it helps just add depth and flavour to the world.

Thanks! I will surely check out your work. I adore RPG gaming. I got to thinking the world itself that will be featured in my larger idea, it can be broken up into something resembling short stories - or like you say tangents and off shoots. They don't have to all make it into the greater work - but as fragments to add flavor. And they could inspire someone in another direction as their own standalone ideas.

Thank you! I'm super glad, that's definitely what I make them for. I would honestly like to reply to more myself but the last few months around my place have been utter chaos. Soon, I hope lol. One of these days we're going to go 3 weeks in a row without my wife or my kids getting sick! LOL.

I hope you and your family get well soon!
Would you consider short-ish comments as prompt replies for the time being? For the most part I want the fully fledged posts for this account to remain about fitness and wellness and healing topics. I have possible plans to create a brand new account for creative writing - but I need to wrap up another project first.