Worldbuilding Prompt #439 - Challenge Prompt: Witches

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Weekly Topic: Challenge Prompts

Create something related to witches. A witch-hut, a hex/curse/potion, a coven, a legend... whatever you find entertaining!

For these challenges, feel free to also include things like drawn maps or 3dPrinted items, or whatever whacky way you want to feature the prompt. Stories are of course fine, as are worldbuilding notes - they always will be.

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  • Prompt replies may be anything! Art, game assets, stories, worldbuilding details, fake wiki entries, maps... whatever you want to create!
  • Please reply to this post with your link
  • Posting in or cross-posting to the Worldbuilding community is highly encouraged
  • Use the hashtag #worldbuilding
  • Prompt replies can be any length.

And finally, some other neat communities for writing that you might want to check out are:

It can be a lot of fun to mix and match our prompts with some of these other community prompts.

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If you don't want to use today's Daily Prompt, feel free to submit something related to the Weekly Topic. It's your creation, you choose how you want to participate - we just want to see the cool stuff you make!

You're also welcome to use any prior prompts at any time! If you like something that was posted days, weeks, or months ago - use it!

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