Worldbuilding Prompt #390 - Irresponsible tests and wonderful discoveries

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Weekly Topic: Potions & Medicine

What medicines in your world were discovered/created via irresponsible or dangerous tests? What effects were discovered? (Look at the discovery of morphine, for example)

Author's Aside:
I use morphine as it's one of the ones that sticks in my mind, but early medicine was a wild-west of self-testing stuff they had no idea about. The discovery/creation of LSD is similarly a wild tale, and if you've ever wondered 'hey, who decided to shoot painkillers directly into the spine for some surgeries/birth/etc' well, there's another fun tale about that discovery too. The guy who discovered nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and chloroform not only self-tested but popularized a parlor game in his day of inhaling nitrous oxide at parties (which is something you'll see referenced now and then in media depicting the late 1700s through the 1800s).

Seriously, it's wild what folks got up to in the early days of medicine.

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