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Weekly Topic: Image Prompts (Hive Stock Images)

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This week's Image Prompts all come from your fellow Hive users, via the Hive Stock Images community. As part of this, 50% of the post rewards (as they're usually small) will be sent to the image creator as a "thank you" for the use of their image.

Today's post is from @ipul27, roads

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It took a few days to put this one together.... enjoy !

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Hiya, is there a link to show the source of the image ? I'd like to use it as the headline image for the response post I'm working on, but want to make sure I credit it properly :) I looked in Hive Stock Images and couldn't find it, but that's not a surprise, there are so many great images there, so I probably just missed it.

Hmm, there should have been, I must have forgotten to add it? One sec and I'll hunt it down.

Here we are!

Thanks for mentioning, I'll update the original post as well.

That's brilliant - thank you :)