Season Hunt challenge: week 4 ..Raindrops Keep Falling

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Theme - RAIN -

There’s nothing like a soft warm rain to help the plants grow lush and healthy.

I love to walk outside after the rain and see the raindrops on the flowers and leaves.

Raindrops on the leaves of the lilies.


Droplets on the Burgundy Lily.


Driving in the rain

It was raining with the sun trying to come through. You never knows what kind of weather to expect when going through the 45Km (28mi) stretch of highway on the Pass.

I took this photo through the windshield while Hubby and I were driving through the Cobequid Pass in Nova Scotia.


Cobequid Pass is a name derived from the Cobequid Mountains which the highway crosses over and the word “bypass.”

Rain hitting the side window of the car.


Photo I took a few years ago in the driveway during a heavy downpour.


This post is my entry to @barbara-orenya’s Season Hunt- Week 4. Check Here for more information to join the Hunt.




Thank you for the ecency points. 💕


Most welcome @luigi-the-gnome. 💞 Thanks for the support.

Do you have the monsoon on your island ? 😄 the last picture would like us to think so 😁

It does look like a monsoon but it is just a real heavy downpour. No monsoons here..It only lasted a little while but was quite the storm.

Wow, you have been quick with your hunt, Jo 😀

I love the Burgundy Lily - it looks so beautiful with the rain drops on it, and I love the grass - simple grass, but the rain drops make it beautiful 😀

Driving in the rain is nothing I like anymore, especially not at night.

I hope you're having a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, dear Jo 🤗🌞

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Happy weekend Hannes. 🌞 The drive through the pass is always a mystery. The sun was shining before we entered but suddenly the weather changed and it was like entering the twilight zone. Once out of the pass the weather was nice again. I’ve even seen snow fall there on an otherwise warm day. Perhaps it is a haunted pass or the effect of the mountain?

I’m happy you liked the droplets on the lily and leaves.

Thanks dear Hannes for your wonderful support and generosity. 🤗

In the mountains you will often have such sudden weather changes - we have had rain and a few hundred meters away all was dry... snowfall in August? Of course, I know that too - the people were bathing in the valley and we had freezing snowfall on the mountain, looking down into the sunshine ... I know what you mean, and sometimes that looks really cool or mysterious.

Oh yes, water droplets can make a nice flower or plant beautiful and a beautiful flower even amazing 😀

Wishing you also a happy weekend, dear Jo 🤗🌞

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)






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Droplets on a flower, my favourite! That Burgundy Lily washed by the rain is stunning.

I’m happy you liked the lily with the droplets, Neli. A soft rain does make the flowers look so refreshed.💕

Hi @redheadpei I hope you are well. When my daughter was young and it rained while the sun was out she would always say it was a sun shower.

Hi @myjob. Nice to be n touch. All is well here and I hope the same with you, my friend. Your daughter had a cute name for the sun with the rain.💕

How are you dear friend @redheadpei good afternoon
What beautiful photographs and what good shots you have achieved; I love this technique, we like to take pictures after the rain
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Hi @jlufer. Photos after the rain showing the droplets are one of my favorites too.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

Nice rainy nature photography.

Thanks @kamrunnahar. 🌺

I just love this post, rain on flowers always attracts me.
Walking in the rain is one of my favorite things to do. As long as the temp is above freezing.
Beautiful photos 🌸

Hi Robin.💞 Thanks for your lovely comment. I love a warm rain too but not nice when it’s cold.

Have a wonderful weekend!🌞

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I love the raindrops on the windscreen photography long very much like an abstract painting Jo. Nature's plants loves the rain as much as I am sure I see them hum and sing in the early morning after a night's rain or during a week of constant rain. I know that I hum away. Hope all is well Jo💜

Singing in the rain eh, Angie? A nice warm rain could get us all humming away. 🎶. I’m glad you liked the raindrops photography.

All is well here and I hope the same with you.💞

This is a great entry Jo! I love all of the raindrops and the rain on the windshield! It looks like you were getting a real good soaking in that last photo! Have a great weekend!! 💞

Thanks Dee.💕 It was about the heaviest rainfall I have seen here. Thankfully it didn’t last long.

Have a wonderful day and week ahead!🌞

Most welcome Jo! I'm glad it didn't last long! Our rain for today was cancelled but I did get some photos a few days ago and will go to my archives for other. Have a terrific week ahead! 💞

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks Robin @farm-mom and @ecency for the points. Much appreciated!🤗

My pleasure Jo.

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Much appreciated Pix


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