Ecency Art Contest - My Entry

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Ecency art contest is hosted by @melinda010100, who I could call the ambassador of Ecency. Here is the link to contest An Ecency Art contest! 100 HBD and 10000 POINTS! and I invite you to join in, not just because the prices are awesome, but to show our love and appreciation to Ecency.

My first steps on the blockchain were four years ago and since than I use Ecency app, both mobile and desktop version. There are plenty advantages that make the app so easy to use. The team behind is doing constant improvements and they are ready to help with any issue. The very little I can do to show my appreciation is this entry.

I love to use Deep Dream Generator although recently I had not much time for it. However, this contest is about art and since I am not an artist, I will use the cute Ecency mascot - the little whale created by @dunsky and with the help of DDG to transform it.

After several attempts where I used different styles I came up with these two.

First I chose mosaic style. The image reminded me of the old Roman villas where mosaics are used in vast scale.


Second image is slightly different, but it got this aquatic look.


And all the rest I put them together in a collage.


It was fun choosing a style and seeing the result. But my favourite is the first - the mosaic and that will be my entry.


banner created by @barbara-orenya

You can find me at -


Thank you for viewing.

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Love your work @nelinoeva , everyone of these are awesome. I didn't know about this contest until last night. Hope to add my entry in here ASAP.

Thanks Sophie, it is great way to use creativity.
I am thrilled what your art will be.

These are wonderful, @nelinoeva! Thanks for creating these and writing this wonderful post!
I love the mosaic and the underwater whale and your collage are marvelous, too! @dunsky s art helps make Ecency a happy place to be and I'm glad you used it for your contest entry. It makes me smile.

Oh, so glad you like them, Melinda.
I am always happy to put a smile on your face.

They look very cool :) ... Happy to see this works :) I like this mosaic style very :)

Thank you for your kind comment.
The mosaic is my favourite.

you're welcome 🤗👌🍷

Lovely artwork @nelinoeva

Thank you very much.

You're so welcome.







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Благодаря! 🙂🍻

Pretty images, @nelinoeva! My favourite is the mosaic style. !LUV






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Thank you so much @olgavita. 🙂