Season Hunt Challenge - Fall Fruits

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This is my entry post for the Season Hunt Challenge by @barbara-orenya in the Feel Good Community! This is the fifth week and the theme is Fall Fruits! You can learn more about the contest and how to enter HERE!

When I think of Fall fruits the first things that come to my mind are apples, apples and more apples!



A very close second is the pear so I've included a pair of pears in my post!


In this next photo I "paired" the pears up with a Butternut Squash which is a Fall fruit as well!


We did pumpkins already in #seasonhunt week 1 but they also "fall" into this week as well since they are considered a fruit. I already baked up one of the pumpkins here and I even roasted the pumpkin seeds. I just put the seeds in a bowl with a little extra virgin olive oil and fresh ground pepper and course salt. Baked on a sheet at 375 for approximately twenty minutes and .. yum!



Did you know that Peppers are considered a fruit?! It contains at least one seed and grows from the flower of the Pepper plant. source


There are nuts that "fall" into the fruit category as well! Including the Black Walnut which is commonly used in baking and the squirrels enjoy them just as much as people, if not more!



My last entry for Fall Fruits is the Acorn! I found a few out in the wild ...



... and I brought a couple inside to take a photo with the leaves that I collected on week 2! 😁


Thank you @barbara-orenya for #seasonhunt!!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.



Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 82 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you very much @pixresteemer!! 💞

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Image by barbara-orenya

Thank you very much @elemarg25 and @cccf!! 💖

I didn't know that peppers are considered fruits. This is very informative!

Btw, the little cutie is enjoying his/her food ✨✨🔆😻

Lovely pictures 🤩

Thanks so much @itsmiessyonpeakd!! Squirrels are so cute and I'm so happy that I caught this one when I did. 😊

You are welcome @deerjay Yes they are. What a lovely photograph 😻

You captured a squirrel in action!

Yep, it was making short work on that black walnut!

Hehe, they move so quick and abrupt at times, hehe 🤣

Great job done

Thank so much @etiboy56!! 💖

Apple, pumpkin 😍 I love the fall vibes!

Pumpkin seeds are healthy snacks! :)

Thank you so much @anggreklestari!! I'm looking forward to roasting some more from the other pumpkins I still have. Healthy and delicious! 😋😊

Adding roasted pumpkin seeds as smoothies topping or porridge topping is a great choices too if you like savory topping :)

That sounds yummy to me! It has gotten cold here so some roasted pumpkin seeds on porridge sounds especially good right now! 😊


Most welcome and thank you also @luigi-the-gnome!! 💖

I got a chuckle out of the squirrel, Dee. 🐿 They are comical critters.

Beautiful photos of fall fruits. The roasted pumpkin seeds look like I could pick one up and enjoy. :)

Have a wonderful day!💕

Thanks so much Jo!! They are indeed! All the black walnuts are gone now except the ones hidden by the Wishing you a wonderful day too and weekend!! 💞