The Season Hunt challenge begins ! And the theme of the week is.....

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Ready for another Hunt challenge, Lovelies ?!

Your mission will be to hunt seasons according to a different theme each week ,


and this 1st week of Fall hunt we will be capturing PUMPKINS !


You have until (the payout of this post) thursday october 28th to make a nice post around Pumpkins, with photos, but if you want you can also come with drawings or videos…

For those who are not living the same seasons, you can of course make a post with photos from your archives 😁 need for the photo to be freshly taken, but the fun for those who can is to go hunting and come with treasures to share...😉
so, hunt outside or in your archives, the photos have to be yours in both case


  • 5 winners will be drawn and announced the following day, they will each win 1,5 Hive

My favourite posts will get one chance more to win the draw as I will enter the author's name two time in the lucky draw.
Of course they also will get bigger upvote from me, and chances are they will also get more attention from others than would get a quick one-photo-post...😉
You know it is always an opportunity to make your best, focusing on good pictures, interesting content around the pictures, and you might draw the attention of curators that always look to support good posts 😉

  • all posts will be reblogged by @luigi-the-gnome
  • comments made in Feel Good community will get @archon tokens, so be social and visit other’s publications
  • @ecency tips will be sent to participants

Subjects of the hunt are mostly still, so please spare us blurry shots 😁- take your time, no rush to post - everybody gets a chance to win as it is a draw, so enjoy making blogs for the fun and pleasure of it



Nevertheless, here are simple Guidelines that will make it easier for you and me :

(so simple and well explained that I might not consider posts that don’t play the game with them 😉)


  • Make your post according to the theme including photos and at least 50 words
    Do I really have to add that photos must be yours..? No photo of the internet, in case you wonder 😁

  • title your post «Season Hunt challenge» + whatever you want

  • Mention somewhere in your post that you participate to the contest,
    what is the theme of the week,
    and where others can find contest post (link to it)
    …that’s the minimum to write in any contest you are participating…Hive Boomers know that, but you might be new to all of that, just remember that others might want to participate, so don’t retain infos that are of importance for them 😊

  • Post it in Feel Good community ( only posts in the community will participate to the draw…)
    if you want to fish upvotes in bigger communities, you are free of course but the prizes are from my personal wallet so I won’t reward or encourage it 😁

  • Add the tag #seasonhunt so that we can all have a nice collection of posts quickly reachable

  • And then lastly, leave the link of your post in a comment under this contest publication …that way, others are more likely to visit your blog if you make their life easier…😉


If it's not already done, you can join the community and follow the FG account @hive-190931


As always BlueWonkies are supporting communities ! 👇

Amazing Nature community by @adalger




Always a Flower community by @dswigle




Market Friday by @dswigle




Feel Good community by @barbara-orenya




Pumpkin Hunting! We are off to a great start!

Claro que si !
Haha ! I upvoted your comment at 100 % by mistake 😂 don't get used to it 😁

Ha! At least I could have made a more substantial comment! But I shared the contest link over in the Archon Discord! Have you promoted this on Ecency? I can do that! It would make the vote make more sense! 😁

Hihi ! already promoted 😛
Your funny comment just paid me back 😄

i remember I told @redheadpei I would remind her the contest 😁festivedog.png

Thanks Barbara. 🤗 I’m ready for the excitement.🎃😊

Thrilled to see you startup this fun, new contest on HIVE! The kickoff week to the Fall Hunt's theme of PUMPKINS is perfect!🎃🍁🎃

Hail the pumpkins!!

This is such a fun contest!!! I hope this repost will spread the news even further!!

Good luck to all!

I’m so lucky you are my brilliant friend ! Your reblog is precious and greatly appreciated my Denise 🥰

I cannot believe my post for #MarketFriday was also my pumpkin post and I forgot to tag it!!! :( @barbara-orenya

Oh my dear, your post full of pumpkins was pure magnificence, but if you want to play in the challenge you would have to make a post in the Feel Good community anyway .. ;-)

Let's go pumpkin hunt! 😀
That will be real fun.

img_0441.png yeah ! Let the fun begin ! 😄

I'm in!

img_0455.gif Wouldn’t be the same without you my friend !

Great start, I love pumpkins let the hunt begin good luck to all 👍

Happy that you are in @kohsamui99 ! 😀 Good hunt !

Thank you @barbara-orenya it's a pleasure to join in the fun 😊

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img_0427.png, for you always bring good news @hivebuzz ! How wonderful does it make you feel to be the good-news-postman…? 😁

You're welcome @barbara-orenya, that's a pleasure as always! It is wonderful to be a postman that only brings good news😄👍 Have a nice day!

Wait for me, wait for me!!!
I'll get to you by THURSDAY!!!

I bet you will ! 👍

I'll be posting late tonight!
I hope I make it, ARRRGH!!!
Still at work!

I love all of your pumpkin photos @barbara-orenya!! I can just picture them in a book!! 💖
Here is my entry for "Pumpkin Week"!


Thanks for the compliment 😊 I'm going asap discovering your pumpkins !

Most welcome!! 💖

Hello dear friends, here is the result of my season hunting:

hunting pumpkin, haha
What better for Halloween parties?
happy hunting everyone

good content.

hello friends I'm happy to be here again
I leave you my entry
happy Sunday
Season Hunt Challenge: The posed of a pumpkin


The hunt has begun ...
I wish everyone good luck and fun🤗

From what I saw, happy people and lots of fun. I don't really get to have much fun but I'm so glad to meet a group of ladies who are dear to me, who Feel Good and that's why they gather here!
Season Hunt Challenge - I Have A Pumpkin And I Don't Know...


Hello dear friend @ barbara-orenya good afternoon
This is my link to the video to accompany your kind invitation
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Hi @barbara-orenya. With so much excitement I am submitting my entry to the first hunt of the fall season. Hope you like it.


here is my successfull season hunt. (maybe a bit scary in the end... you are warned!)

My entry for the Season Hunt challenge.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

Thank you Pix 🙏