Season Hunt challenge, we are chasing HOT DRINKS ☕

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Hello Winter Hunters !

this week we are on to something that has to do with the cold of winter and one way to bare with it : HOT DRINKS....


From Tea to mulled wine, or hot cocoa and coffees of all sort, the hot drinks are the cosy and enjoyable side of the cold season, and will be our theme for this week 😉


So now it's your turn to make a post,
with great care if you want to be among my favorites upvoted 😉

and I let you discover the details of the rules, as well as my art created for the hunt throughout this post


You have until (the payout of this post) thursday January 27th to make a nice post around HOT DRINKS

  • 5 winners will be drawn and announced the following day, they will each win 1,5 Hive + 50 Ecency points

i will choose some posts as my favourites, and they will get one chance more to win the draw as I will enter the author's name two time in the lucky draw.

Of course they also will get bigger upvote from me, and chances are they will also get more attention from others than would get a quick one-photo-post...😉
You know it is always an opportunity to make your best, focusing on good pictures, interesting content around the pictures, and you might draw the attention of curators that always look to support good posts 😉


  • all posts will be reblogged by @luigi-the-gnome and the FG @hive-190931
  • comments made in Feel Good community will get @archon tokens, so be social and visit other’s publications
  • @ecency tips will be sent to the users of the app

Subjects of the hunt are mostly still, so please spare us blurry shots 😁- take your time, no rush to post - everybody gets a chance to win as it is a draw, so enjoy making blogs for the fun and pleasure of it


Nevertheless, here are simple Guidelines that will make it easier for you and me :

(so simple and well explained that I might not consider posts that don’t play the game with them 😉)


  • Make your post according to the theme including photos and at least 50 words
    Do I really have to add that photos must be yours..? No photo of the internet, in case you wonder 😁

  • title your post «Season Hunt challenge» + whatever you want

  • Mention somewhere in your post that you participate to the contest,
    what is the theme of the week,
    and where others can find contest post (link to it)
    …that’s the minimum to write in any contest you are participating…Hive Boomers know that, but you might be new to all of that, just remember that others might want to participate, so don’t retain infos that are of importance for them 😊

  • Post it in Feel Good community ( only posts in the community will participate to the draw…)
    if you want to fish upvotes in bigger communities, you are free of course but the prizes are from my personal wallet so I won’t reward or encourage it 😁

  • Add the tag #seasonhunt so that we can all have a nice collection of posts quickly reachable

  • And then lastly, leave the link of your post in a comment under this contest publication …that way, others are more likely to visit your blog if you make their life easier…😉


If it's not already done, please join the community and follow the FG account @hive-190931 😉




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thank_you_snail.png so much my dear Denise 😊

It's always a pleasure!

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This is going to be such a fun contest, Barbara! @barbara-orenya My mind is on fire right now, thinking of all the hot things I can come up with.

I must ask, what is your favorite hot drink?

My most usual hot drinks are coffee and herbal teas , not together in the same cup of course 😄

Hehe... but have you ever tried it? ❤️

Bisous! Bisous!

Lovely post! I'll try to come up with something cute and fun to participate in this. Hot beverages, some of us can't live without them. A few weeks ago, actually, I accidentally dropped my only cup on the floor and it shattered. I had to buy a new one right away because I simply can't go without my hot drink of the day!

We all have a favourite cup, indeed...! I have a lot of different shapes and colors but usually end up to always drink in the same one 😄
You are welcome to participate @beautifulwreck ! 😉

Friends, would you like to taste a cup of coffee with milk? Come visit me.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 89 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hot drinks it's a cool topic for hunting. I will share some for sure. Hunt mode on :)

Very nice

Congratulations! You've been awarded with upvote from The Creative Coin Fund.
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Here are my set of hot drink ...not sure how Hot my post are 😉 but surely it will keep you warm @barbara-orenya 😃

very cool theme for the competition! I'm happy to participate too! 😀☕ I really like your pictures with tea and coffee!!! 👍

I missed several rounds and almost about to miss this one too.
But here I am -

Hi! I think I'm still on time, so here is my entry for this week hunting ☕️

What do I drink in the office at the workplace? Tea. And who will treat me to sweets? Who will upvote me so that I can buy sweets?


Hello, feel-good family. greetings🙏 here is my entry for h drink.

Hi @barbara-orenya! I'm gonna drop my link and go get me a "hot drink" right now! Love your photos and wishing you a lovely weekend! 😊