Young Cat Butters

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Hello friends.

Today was the second working day of this year. It turned out to be something very stressful. My phone was bursting with calls today. I couldn't talk to people. I refused to talk to them. I told my clients a long time ago - write to me on Whatsapp, but people don't understand this and keep calling.

In the evening I sat down to review the photo album. I needed to find photos from three years ago. I found them. But I saw a photo of a young Butters cat! I noticed that even then he could make a formidable appearance.

These photos were taken by my daughter, She was 10 years old at the time. We were visiting my wife's parents at the time. It was a great time. My father-in-law and I went to the river to fish. No one thought that he might get sick and now he is not with us. But I won't talk about sad things.
Cat Butters. My daughter brought it that summer. She was given it with the condition "in good hands". Since then, we have called him that sometimes.

I like this photo. The daughter, knowing nothing about the light, about the correct setting of the frame, took this photo. The cat here doesn't look like himself. He looks away somewhere and his eyes are very big with surprise. What did he see there?

And here it is again. The daughter took a picture of Butters sitting by the window. Again against the light. And again the cat looks somewhere to the side with big surprised eyes!

Here he is a guy in all his glory. Look how he looks, what a look he has!
Butters is now 4 years old. He's already a big cat. He has battle scars and scratches on his muzzle. And he often has that look. And it turns out he had it like that in his younger years.

Friends, sometimes it's useful to look through your photo album and see photos there that you just might have forgotten about. And you also need to print them on a printer. insert it into a beautiful frame and hang it on the wall.

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