My Today's Update Hagupit Ng Bagyong Karding

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Hello everyone, evening to all my fellow bloggers here in hive Im sorry I couldn't include any good in the greetings honestly there wasn't any good in my day.

Last night I couldn't believe that we're sleeping in an almost wet bed it was so awful. It is also an sleepless night for us because our house doesn't have a second floor we need to arrange things so it won't get wet.


Our House

Last night I've made a blog about our preparation for the Bagyong Karding and now I want to share you the latest update we have. After we eat dinner I've felt the air and rain pouring from our roof I almost thought it wouldn't get stronger but as we prepare to sleep we were all shocked that it was becoming stronger and stronger. And if you zoom the picture of our house you'll see in the front door that doesn't have any doors as well as inside, we only used curtains for a quite privacy.

Ans as said weill be experiencing signal number four before the strong Storm came i told my kids that I might scream because my anxiety may attack but it was far away different. I was annoyed because I couldn't sleep properly then after we can feel yhe raindrops weting us, we just used a blanket to never feel the rain.

3am I woke and shocked to see our room it has more water than we expected good that hubby was here and our bedroom has a double deck he just put some wood so it can increase to high place the photo below 👇 can help you understand


After the bed we fixed things so it went get wet, and went back to sleep even it's hard 😔 the rain and wind was a bit lower compared to before I've just said another prayes before I closed my eyes.

Early morning we woke up the water again rises but we have no choice but to continue our life. We want to evacuate but leaving our things behind is a risk. And this is not the first time we have this calamanity there's more and remembering the past won't help






This is what we fixed earlier it's about three hallow blocks Left before the window/our bed and we're still fine we used to leave our house about More than three hallo blocks because we can't sleep on our double deck. And I thought the water will stop but I didn't there's something more to come




Please Zoom the Photos

The water is coming from the other side of the road and the incoming water is from our river it over flows because it said that the dams released water.
Our feet hurts we have athlete's foot before and now is getting worse because we can used any boots

You can checked Facebook page and search button #BangonCalumpit
This is our low location, and we could do nothing when natures get mad we just need to be strong on the outside and the Inside.


Thank you so much for dropping by hope to see you in my next blog

Love, @usagigallardo015 🌙


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Ho my Sis, prayers for you all hoping ma solve ninyo asap yang situation ninyo. Transfer perhaps to another location.

Oo nga po ehh nag iisip nga po ako kung lilipat po kami sa mga tta ko panu lang kasi yung bahay namen

So sorry about this situation and I was just feeling sad seeing such moment with you. Rainy season, you can't enjoy your life in the house except for dry season and it's near a river.

May God provide for you to get a comfortable and good house.

Yes my dear friend @princessbusayo
sometimes even summer season are also like This but the water only stays on the outside of our House.

Thank you for your wonderful prayers God bless you always

Hello, sissy. I am so sorry to see your situation. Fighting okay? This too shall pass. I do hope that the storm will not do further damage. Keep safe, sis!


Yes sis I hope too nkita Kopo sa fb maraming nag buwis Ng Buhay para lang makapaglgtas Ng Buhay kaya mas kailangan namen lumaban kasi may mas worse pang situation samen thanks po sis God bless po 💖 @jijisaurart

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Thank you so much @hivebuzz

You're welcome @usagigallardo015! Have a nice day 😊👍

Sana okay lang kayo at nang family nyo sis, ingat kayo pag ber months talaga satin nananalasa ang bagyo doble ingat po. God bless, kapit lang.

Okay pa naman po sis slamat po eto nag iisip kung lilipat o hndi po ehh tga Bulacan ka rin po ba sis,

So sad sister but so happy that you and family are safe.


Thank you po ma'am and opo laban lang po talaga sa Buhay @olivia08

I'm so sorry to see you in that state, I know that you'll be able to get through this. Praying that everything will become better. Keep safe always.


Don't be sorry my friend there's nothing we can handle and thank you so much for the prayers

Sana okay na kayo sis! keep safe po!🙏 Laban!

Okay naman po sis @cindee08 masakit lang po tlaga ang paa po namen

Ohh my gosh my heart hurt as I see the photos, you just reminded me of typhoon Odette that hits us. I am so sorry dear I hope everyone from your family is safe, and be safe as always. I have trauma with typhoon and just right now, I almost cried

Yes sis and these are things that are Trumatic nakaka stress pero kung mag papa ka stress pako panu pa gagawin kopo

I know this is a bit late but I pray okay lang kayo ng family mo ngayon. Stay strong and keep the faith burning!

Your wonderful prayers is not late my dear sis @kneelyrac thank you so much po

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. I hope the water have subsided now. I know how it is a struggle to be affected by a super typhoon.. Stay strong.

Thank you for your wonderful words my dear friend I wished too but the water will never subside that fast it will take almost a week or more and our place is more worst because our location is on the farm

That's such a terrible and scary situation to go through. I hope the water recedes soon, and that the damage isn't too awful when it does. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

Thank you so much for your wonderful words but the Water here will never subside that fast it will a week or two. And our place is the worst part no second floor and in the farm but all means all wet can do is pray 🙏


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