Sleepy Caturday

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What cats do most of the time? Sleep of course. And they are so sweet in their sleep. Very tempting to take some shots,


This is Furry, my eldest cat. She is also the biggest in size compared to the other two. She is having her nap while I was trying different ways in monochrome.

She did not budge, but a bit latter I grabbed the camera again and because I shoot from a different angle, somehow this annoyed her and she opened her eyes, then put the paw in front of them.


But the shutter kept making noise and she looked at me.


And started grooming herself.



Followed by big yawn that starts so cute until the mouth is wide open and shows all the fangs.



Furry raised her back in arch, turned around and plonked on the other side and again is fast asleep.

This is the last shot before she was again in cat's lalaland.



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Ahh she was so cute and my cat also sleeps the whole day because at night she never let her guard down

Thank you 🙂
Yes, they are nocturnal creatures.

Oh really cute 😍😍😍😍

Thank you 🙂

Oe He's really cute

Thank you kindly. 🙂

Sweet and cuddly cat!

She is not very fond of cuddling though 🙂
But she is my sweetheart.

My cats are the same! They are very private cats!lol

Yeah, that is about right - private cats. LOL.
The other two cats but love to cuddle and they are so different in character.

She is so cute 😻 Cats are amazing. I sometimes envy my kitty's ability to sleep so much during the day, hehe.

Aw, thank you. 😊