Curator Cat: Quiet Caturday With Busy Hoomans!

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Greetings wonderful Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

It's Saturday and we all know what that means, when you are of the feline persuasion: It's Caturday!

That is MY box! No, really...

It was a quiet day for me, on the whole. Not so much for the Hoomans, who were busy with their annual World Labyrinth Day stuff outside.

The exciting this was that my monthly Cat Person Box arrived, which means goodies and snacks! I had to be patient and wait till all the Hooman/Labyrinth stuff had ended, before we could open the box.

I like playing in the box. You know, because cats and boxes!

It's a bit windy out there...

I did get to go roam around on the upper deck yesterday, for the first time this "season!"

Being the pampered housecat that I am, I only go outside when the Hoomans are nearby... we just have too many predators around here.

I actually didn't mind spending most of today inside, because there were actually people here, for the first time in a very long time... but it was an outdoor event the Hoomans were having, so there was less concern about the whole pandemic thing.

The just keep walking around in circles...

Now everything is nice and quiet again, and I have had a nice dinner and special snacks from the goodies that arrived today!

On the whole, life is good! But I did have to tell the Dad-Hooman that if he posted pictures of me "playing the cello" (cleaning my privates!), I would pee in his shoes...! There are limits to what you get to post on Caturday!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your Caturday was a good one!



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Playing the cello


That cutie looks just like my cat, Doc... I'll find a picture of him to post sometime soon. (P.S. This is my first upvote and comment EVER!) 😆

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I love boxes too

All is well in Curator Cat 🙂😺