Curator Cat on Caturday: I Got My Own Cat Fountain!

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Greetings wonderful Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia and surrounding communities!

We're at the weekend... and it's CATURDAY again, my favorite day of the week for looking at pictures of cats and kittens, and watching silly videos of our feline friends!


I Got My Own Drinking Fountain!

The Hoomans got me a special treat this week... I got my own Cat Drinking Fountain!

This is not just some random jumble of dishes with an aquarium pump, this is an actual designed-and-made-for-cats fountain they got from a place called Miaustore so it's pretty fancy!

Posing with fountain. Not sure I'm into this...

I'm not quite sore what to think yet — after all, it was not MY idea — but I have always enjoyed drinking the running water from the taps, so this might be something worthwhile!

Still, such things have to be inspected very carefully!

This SEEMS like a good idea....

Maybe NOT Kittens, a CAT?

Last week, I mentioned that we might be adopting a kitten or maybe two in the not to distant future.

Looks like that might be put on hold for a bit because a dear friend of the Mom-Hooman is moving to the Dominican Republic, and it looks like her older cat Smudge might be coming to stay with us. Smudge is already 14, so we would be taking care of her through her senior years.

Nothing is cast in stone yet, but stay tuned for more updates!

I wish people could just make up their minds!

Crypto Nervousness?

Seems like there is always something for the crypto markets to be worried about... in this case, the greater economic situation in China.

Still, it was nice to have a little burst of Hive being between $0.75-$0.80! For a little while, my modest little cat blog was "valued" at almost US $2,000!

Not too worried, though, as I am in this for the long term!

And on that note, I hope everyone is having a fabulous Caturday... and thanks for stopping by!



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I hope you like your fountain, CC! I just wrote about Yuan and Maggie's preferred drinking vessels as well this week. Maggie likes the fountain but Yuan ignores it! LOL

I think I just have to get used to it, and I have to explore it myself, rather than having the Hoomans watching me all the time!







@curatorcat, you've been given LUV from @phoenixwren.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/3)

You will fall in love with the fountain and forget all about that nasty tap water. Never know what is coming out of them.

My hoomans just installed a rain soft water system. And the fountains they got for us also have 3 way filters.

Us kits, especially older ones like us, need to take care of our kidneys.

So Zap the Tap C.C.


I think you're right!

The Hoomans only put nice clean spring water in my fountain, not tap water, so that's a good start.

And yes, good urinary health is extremely important for cats, particularly as we get older!


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