Curator Cat: Happy Caturday — Revisiting My Good Intentions!

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Greetings beautiful Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

It's the weekend and it's Saturday and we all know what that means: "CATURDAY!"

Always look forward to this day, and to sharing some favorite cat photos!

Posing prettily for the camera!

Good Intentions, and Such... a Ramble...

It was always my intention to have a cat blog... BUT...

It was also my intention to have something more than just a filmroll of cat pictures without adding some extras of more depth and meaning.

I've done some posts that are just commentary on Hoomans, as seen through the eyes of a cat.

I've done some posts on community building. I've even done some posts on "financial stuff," now and then.

Enjoying the sun in the Mom-Hooman's office!

The common thread has been that I would get a few "episodes" into an idea and then it would fizzle out. Recently, I started writing about community building and intended to continue the series, and still intend to continue the series.

But cats need lots of naps.

So maybe I should just make peace with the fact that I lack the ambition and drive many Hoomans seem to have!

Of course, some cats have it, too. Let's face it, Grumpy Cat would not have become as famous were it not for the fact that she was constantly in the limelight.

I supervise the Dad-Hooman from my bed on the corner of his desk. If he slacks off, I go over and stand on the keyboard. That wakes him right up!

I don't really have any great aspirations to being famous, I just want to have a nice cat blog that people generally enjoy reading and might subscribe to, just for grins.

Of course, I already really enjoy the interaction and engagement... but also have a challenging time to keep up with that.

So the conclusion here is that I mean well, but I spend a lot more time napping!

There's a bunny on the grass! Right. There....


It's spring here in our little world. There are lots of bunnies and birds outside in the garden, and they offer me some good "kitty TV" in between my naps!

Soon, the Hoomans will be planting their vegetable garden, and perhaps I'll get to go out there with them, now and then. I only "do" the outdoors with Hooman supervision... too many BIG predators around here!

I do love rolling around in warm dirt!

In the meantime, I hope you are all having a wonderful Caturday!



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#Caturday rocks!

Yes, Caturday is my favorite day of the week... even though pretty much all days qualify as Caturday around here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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