Curator Cat Caturday: Peace in the House Again... and Crypto Worries

in Caturday3 months ago

Greetings wonderful Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

Here we are at the weekend and at my favorite day of the week: CATURDAY!

Enjoying a bit of sun!

The house has been a bit topsy-turvy this past week because the Hoomans have had a houseguest staying for a few days.

I'm not much for strangers being in our space, so I end up mostly keeping to myself when such things happen. We cats are often a bit nervous and hesitant around people we don't know.

This particular friend was very nice though, and he really likes cats... so it was not too much of a stressful experience!

Still, I'm glad he's left to go back home yesterday so I can relax completely again!

Gazing out the window...

"Crypto Worries?"

At times I wonder about this whole circus we're involved with here.

A lot of people seem to believe that cryptocurrencies are pretty much "the future of everything," but it also seems like people spend an awful lot of time being worried and anxious about it all.

I suppose that with these "Rug Pulls" and various "Exit Scams" being not uncommon, you can't really blame people for wondering what they got themselves involved with... regardless of whether we're part of some huge DeFi thing, or pondering a more "local" situation like Hive's own ProofOfBrain Community which seems to have hit a rocky patch, after an impressive start.

Back in one of my favorite window spots!

Learning Non-Attachment

My own personal crypto milestone I am trying to reach next is getting to 2,000 HP.

On one hand, it's really not very much... on the other hand, it's not too shabby, as a reward for posting cat pictures!

All a matter of perspective.

I am just learning to not be too attached to the outcome because it does feel like everything could just vaporize into empty space overnight.

We all like to use words like "mass adoption" but that strikes me as pretty unlikely until some of the violent peaks and valleys have been smoothed out a bit.

Back to relaxing!

Meanwhile, It Is Caturday!

Sometimes, I think the best thing we can do for ourselves is worry less about the "Big Picture" and instead focus a bit more on the "small and local" things in our worlds.

For me, that means mostly focusing on getting this Caturday post finished and published, and then getting back to my napping.

After all, I have absolutely no effect on what the "Iron Bank" may — or may not — be doing!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all having a wonderful Caturday!



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