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Hello friends.

Cat Tragedian


Look, friends, what a formidable look this cat has. He feels like a real master at our house. We come and go from home, and he is always here, on the spot. He will shout at the top of his voice and we go to ask him about his desires. We bring him various food and drink. We clean up his toilet after him. Perhaps the Tragedian considers us his servants. Almost all of his wishes are fulfilled from his first formidable "meow".

We don't know exactly how old the Tragedian is. But according to our understanding and estimate, he should be about 11 years old.
I also have Butters the cat, he's younger than the Tragedian. The tragedian constantly controls the young cat and does not let him go to the second floor, He believes that the second floor completely belongs to him.

Usually, a Tragedian is afraid of people who come to our house. But we noticed that he was not at all afraid of the guests who came to us on December 31. He even, on the contrary, walked among us and did not hide. This is probably due to the fact that another girl cat has appeared in our house and he considers himself her protector.
Yes, the cat's behavior has changed a lot with the appearance of a girl in the house. We urgently had to sterilize her. After that, the Tragedian calmed down a little, but deviations in his behavior still remained.

We hope that the Tragedian will be with us for many more years and will not leave us, will not rush to his cat paradise.

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We hope that the Tragedian will be with us for many more years

I hope too and great name choice lol 👍

He had a tragic childhood. That's what they called him and left him to live. An ironing board fell on him when he was a little kitten.

Oh jeez did it? Tragic indeed. Poor kitty. Glad he got through this. Give him a lot of cuddles 🤗

He has enough hugs from all sides 😂😂😂

Well, add the ones from Germany to it. You can use them later, it is my cuddle piggy bank for him lol. 😁