Winners of the community challenge "Nuts about Nuts"

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Hello plant based foodies, wherever you are in the world!

Today, (as we said earlier in the announcement post), we are featuring only the winners of the Nuts about Nuts challenge.

We remind you that each post for the community challenges has a counter with the time during which the posts will be received. We ask you to please keep this counter in mind, since one of the requirements we take into account to award prizes is that the posts have been published and consigned during the period of time that the challenge is in force. Thank you.

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This is @sirenahippie here, and today, as I said earlier, I wanted to bring you this post in which I will just announce the winners of the "Nuts about Nuts" challenge. This is because we will be doing on a regular basis two monthly challenges, so I announce the winners today and later, we will be calling for a new challenge. In the meantime, we'll see who won this time.


Plant Power Cooking Challenge Winner(s)

Let's start this post by announcing the winners of the "Nuts about Nuts " challenge, in which 5 proposals were submitted, all very delicious, and best of all, totally vegan recipes; But of these five entries, only three qualified, since one did not meet the requirements of being in photos while preparing the recipe, and the other was untimely, so for awarding purposes, only three entries were taken into account.
  • You can see this challenge here

As I mentioned previously, in this edition we only received five entries, but only three were taken into account, and additionally, each participant will receive 30 Foodies sponsored by @sirenahippie. Let's see which posts have participated in this challenge:


And the winners are....



Chorizo Inspired Nutty Mushroom Sausages - About Nuts Plant Based Challenge
by @shinecrystalline

Without a doubt, @shinecrystalline's recipe deserves first place in this challenge, since it has made a total delight, using three types of nuts: Cashews, peanuts and chestnuts, which combine masterfully with other ingredients, such as mushrooms, garlic, onion, green pepper, to achieve a spectacular chorizo. As always, she brings an elegant, beautiful and very complete post; for this reason it deserves this first place. Let's see this extraordinary recipe!

Congratulations @shinecrystalline! You are the winner of 5 HIVE.



Nutty pretty heart.

by @hindavi

I must say in all honesty, I'm surprised by @hindavi's post. She has brought a dessert, a pretty heart of walnuts, which in addition to how delicious the recipe is, the aesthetic quality of the final dessert is of great quality. With a very well explained post, where she mixes the color and flavor of strawberries with walnuts, she brings us an anthology dessert. Let's get to know this beautiful recipe!

Congratulations @hindavi! You are the winner of 3 HIVE.



balls to the walnut
by @eolianpariah2

I have always believed that chocolates are something delicate, in whose small size a universe of flavors can be condensed, so when I eat them, I do so slowly, savoring each layer of flavor and each texture. And I have remembered this with the excellent recipe that @eolianpariah2 brought to the challenge, who, like @hindavi, pleasantly surprised me with these balls to the walnut, since he has harmoniously combined the ingredients, to create delicious and 100% vegan sweets. Let's see this exquisite recipe!

Congratulations @eolianpariah2! You are the winner of 2 HIVE.


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Ohh! What's going on here!! I do delay responses because I'm in the process to move to the new house. Actually, I must say thank you to @plantpoweronhive but I feel truly sorry if I cause any problem for @plantpoweronhive with my post. I would like to apologize for this incident.🙏 I'm so speechless when I see this announcement but I think I should explain something.

Dear @eolianpariah2

I’m very sorry that my post causes you to feel something. To your 2 valid points – You are right, I did not use walnut as they are either very hard to get where I live or take time to order from the online shop. Still, I tried my best to fit the theme “nuts about nuts” by using 3 different types of nuts as well as possible.

To your second point – You are right, I did take my 2 pictures in the supermarket because it's constantly related to the stories I tell on my blog. I think it's quite enough to just include 2 pics of myself in my blog. I honestly just didn’t think well about it.

As you know how much effort it takes to prepare such posts/meals it's just human to make little mistakes. I’m not perfect but will always try to do better and better for each post.

I really appreciate that you took the time to read my post as carefully as possible. 😊 Thanks for your feedback :)

Anyways, it’s always great fun to have a friendly competition with you guys. I also congrats you and @hindavi on the excellent post.

thank you for your frank reply. there is no need for you to apologize. i have no problem at all with your post. it was an excellent recipe with great photography well worthy of curation and upvotes. i can honestly say that your presentation was better than mine, the amount of work you put into each photograph is clearly visible. personally i have a small kitchen and am either too busy or too tired to spend much time arranging each and every photograph.
the issue i had was with the judge and the conditions of the challenge, wondering how they could arrive at their decision. it would have been wiser to keep the conditions more general, for example: the main ingredient must be nuts and there should be at least three different kinds. requiring a specific ingredient such as walnuts can be problematic as you point out. it would be better if the conditions of the challenge allow the participants to use ingredients that are readily available to them regardless of where in the world they live.
for future challenges i have suggested that there be less detailed conditions but also a strict requirement that the conditions are followed in order to be eligible to win. it is no fun for me to make a fuss about this but i think it is better for everyone to discuss it. if any community wants to grow it is best that everything appears clear, open and fair.

anyway good luck to you in your new house and i will look forward to future challenges

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thank you very much for the third prize in the nuts about nuts challenge, it was an interesting challenge but it is too bad there were so few entries.

please allow me to make some friendly comments on this particular challenge. the rules stated clearly:.
The Brand New PLANT BASED challenge (please read carefully the conditions and prizes )
This time we want you to prepare and share with all of us, a recipe that is from Nuts about Nuts in the community challenge; however,there are certain conditions for you to participate:
We want you to prepare a recipe whose main ingredient is walnuts. etc.

i must say i am quite surprised that the judges chose a first place winner with a wonderful recipe and great photography but which contained no walnuts at all. furthermore the conditions required: You must appear in at least two photos making the recipe. the first prize entry does include two photos of the person in the shop buying some ingredients but none actually making the recipe.

this is in no way a criticism of the entry itself or the person making the entry. it was an excellent post well worthy of curation. it was a fine recipe with great presentation. however i must wonder how it is possible for an entry which clearly does not comply with the conditions to nonetheless be declared the winner of the challenge. may i suggest that in future challenges you only include conditions which are essential to follow and that only those who actually follow the conditions be considered as eligible to win

Hi @eolianpariah2!

Good observation you make, it is valid that you express your doubts and thoughts regarding the decisions we make in the community. The concept of nuts is understood in this challenge in a broader way (dry fruits), which includes the ingredients used by @shineicrystalline in her recipe,

Your observation is valid regarding the fact that in her photographs she appears shopping for the products; however, within the parameters for selection, there are some that are intrinsic, and one of the elements that we take into consideration is the user's trajectory within our community, the link that the user has established with Plant Power Vegan, for the frequency and continuity of their publications, and the winner has been constant in this regard.

However, we will take your observations into consideration, in order to be more demanding in the subsequent challenges.

I am sorry that our selection caused you any inconvenience or concern, as you are also a very good user, with less time in our community, but you make great recipes.

ok thanks for your response. i will look forward to participating in future challenges. in those, please avoid making unnecessarily detailed conditions which limit the scope of recipe options for the participants but later are not deemed essential after all.

In future challenges we will place the conditions that in our opinion are necessary.

This week I will announce the next challenge, I hope your participation.

ok, nice. you know this episode of the winner of the walnut recipe challenge was the one with no walnuts reminds me of a funny event years ago. back in the days before the internet when recipe contests were tasted and judged in person, Betty Crocker who was a household name in the USA held an apple pie contest. afterwards the winner was interviewed and asked what her secret was that made such a delicious pie. the woman who won answered unabashedly "I used pears"!

Thank you🙏 very much for your kind support and love dear, @plantpoweronhive. greetings 🙏

Congrats on your win @hindavi

Thank you🙏 very much dear. how are you? I think you are enjoying summer with your family.
🌞🌼⛵🏊‍♂️ Happy summer

Everyone is having a busy summer. My son and his wife just returned from spending the 4th of July in Washington DC and my daughter @zythia13 adopted a dog. I do love summer!

How is your grandson? my husband is asking about. I didn't know anything about it. best regards from him.

You're welcome @hindavi!

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Hi @melinda010100 welcome to the Plant Power (Vegan) community, nice to see you here.