Plant-Based Challenge Winners: Super Salads!


Hello plant based foodies, wherever you are in the world!

Today, (as we said earlier in the announcement post), we are featuring only the winners of the Super Salads challenge.

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This is @sirenahippie here, and today, as I said earlier, I wanted to bring you this post in which I will just announce the winners of the "Super Salads" challenge. This is because we will be doing on a regular basis two monthly challenges, so I announce the winners today and later, in next week, we will be calling for a new challenge. In the meantime, we'll see who won this time.


Plant Power Cooking Challenge Winner(s)

Let's start this post by announcing the winners of the "Super Salads " challenge, in which 8 proposals were submitted, all very delicious, and best of all, totally vegan recipes.
  • You can this challenge here

In this edition, we only received 8 participations, even so, in recognition of the effort, originality and dedication that you have had in your publications, we will award the prizes. Additionally, each participant will receive 30 Foodies sponsored by @sirenahippie. Let’s see which publications have participated in this challenge:

And the winners are....



Salad Khaak - Muslim Peanut Salad Dressing

by @shinecrystalline

In this magnificent post, @shinecrystalline presents us with a super salad, inspired by her memories of Muslim culture, with which she had close contact in childhood. It is a recipe that takes you back to that happy time when you were a child, so it replicates the original recipe as closely as possible.

This recipe is, to a certain extent, complex, since it is made up of several elements, such as: A delicious peanut sauce with a base of coconut cream, a vegan boiled egg, some crispy sweet potato fries, and obviously, the fresh vegetables . An anthology salad, which undoubtedly deserves the first place.

Congratulations @shinecrystalline! You are the winner of 5 HIVE.




Tropically inspired Super Salad

by @carolynstahl

On many occasions a beautiful memory, a past experience, inspires us to create something wonderful and unique, such is the case of this great recipe, inspired by the Mexican beach, with which @carolynstahl brings us a super tropical, complete, complex salad. , with many levels of depth and flavors, where such diverse ingredients, ranging from jicama, avocado, mango, toasted rice, among others, are perfectly combined to make a great dish. In a beautiful post, with excellent photos, he takes us by the hand, in a very well explained step by step, where creativity and excellence go hand in hand; reasons why it is deserving of the Second Place.

Congratulations @carolynstahl! You are the winner of 3 HIVE.




Scrumptious Bean Salad with Basil Pesto
by @itsostylish

Sometimes, there are flavors that we would like to keep within the vegan diet, such is the case of pesto, which, as we all know, contains Parmesan cheese; However, there may be other equally delicious and 100% vegan alternatives, and one of these options was presented to us by @itsostylish, in her great post of a super delicious salad, which she titled very aptly Scrumptious Bean Salad with Basil Pesto, a recipe that combines everything from white beans, to pineapple, sesame, arugula, apple, mung beans, cashews, olive oil, among others; an unlikely combination, but that in her hands she manages to mix masterfully in an excellent post, which is why she deserves the Third Place.

Congratulations @itsostylish! You are the winner of 2 HIVE.



(Yes, this time we decided to give a Fourth Place for the excellence of the posts


The Brand New PLANT BASED challenge: Super Salads!

by @hindavi

The ideal is that the food, in addition to being tasty, is beautiful, pleasing to the eye; and following this premise @hindavi brings us a super salad inspired by the work of the American abstract expressionist painter, Paul Jackson Pollock. In a detailed post, where he takes us for a walk to his garden, to harvest part of the ingredients, and explains in great detail how he creates this culinary work of art, in which ingredients such as rice, lentils, millet, tomatoes, coconut, arugula, almonds, among other delicious ingredients, manages to mix them and make a magnificent visual and taste harmony, for which we have decided to give it a well-deserved Fourth Place.

Congratulations @hindavi! You are the winner of 1 HIVE.


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@ plantpoweronhive gracias por la mención es un honor para mí.
felicitaciones a todos los participantes y especialmente a los ganadores @shinecristalino @carolynstahl @hindavi


Thank you @yraimadiaz for participating in our challenge. Greetings.

Ohh wow!! Thanks so much, @plantpoweronhive for this honor, I'm deeply thankful, and also congrats to @carolynstahl, @itsostylish, and @hindavi for your wonderful super salads. 🙏❤️

Oh wow thank you so much. This inspired me to get the salad train going.

Congratulations @shinecrystalline. Also congratulations to @itsostylish and @hindavi. I loved all of your super salads!

All the winning recipes were inspiring, great. You could tell the love with which they made their super salads. Thank you for participating in the challenge. You deserve to be a winner.

😊 Thank you so much. This was fun!
Congratulations to all the entrants, everyone presented lovely salads


You made a great super salad, you deserved to be a winner! Thank you for being part of the Plant Power (Vegan) community. Greetings.

Gracias por la mención, felicitaciones a todos los participantes

Thank you for participating. Greetings.

Wow congrats to all the contest winners, you guys are amazing ❤

All the recipes were great. I hope you will participate in the next challenge, which I will convene this week. Greetings.

I will try it @plantpoweronhive regards❤

Congratulations guys

Thanks for commenting, happy Sunday.

You are welcome. Same here

congrats all winner 🌹🌹🌹🌼🌼🌸🌺🌺

Thanks @umirais for your visit and comment. Greetings!

Thank you🙏 very much @plantpoweronhive. Congratulations to all winners.

Thanks to you @hindavi! Greetings.

Congratulations to the winners. The truth is that those salads were 5 stars. I congratulate you girls, you deserve your award.