MEATLESS MONDAY: Vegan Pizza, Caribbean Smoothie, Epic Salad, Cauliflower Salad, Klepon, Mushroom


The Meatless Monday curation aims to value the commitment of users within our community and the HIVE ecosystem, through the curation of posts with good content related to vegan food. Our intention is to help these authors feel valued and recognize authentic and original work, done with love and dedication. That said, let's get started with this beautiful compilation.


Greetings and happy Monday, friends of the Plant Power (vegan) community! Here @sirenahippie. Today we bring a new issue of Meatless Monday, with the intention of recognizing and celebrating and acknowledging those delicious vegan recipes, which you have shared inside and outside of our community over the last week.


As always, I want to take advantage of this publication, to ask all those who make life in our community, to take into account the topics that can be published here, being these:

  • Experiences with a vegan diet.
  • Ethics of animal agriculture.
  • How to grow a kitchen garden for your plant based food.
  • The best herbs and spices to have in a vegan kitchen.
  • Meat free Mondays - why they're a good idea.


We wanted to emphasize the importance of only using original content. I remind you that we do NOT accept photos or text from third parties, even if they are copyright free. We also remind them of the importance of not including animal products in their recipes, such as butter, eggs, honey, etc., the idea is that they share vegan recipes.

Also, it is important that you use the hashtag #plantbased #vegan. And we invite you to join the voting path, because every day we try to bring a little love to those valuable posts that are on the platform, no matter if they are not about food, it can be any other content, except those topics that oppose veganism.

We also want to announce that we are handing out part of the benefits derived from the delegations of the weekly curation rewards obtained. We are very grateful for the great trust and support of our delegators, and at the same time we invite more friends of our community to make their delegations to @plantpoweronhive and/or join our curation trail, this way we will be supporting and growing in unison. Any amount is important to us. Remember that the sum of our efforts is more effective than separate efforts.


We start this journey through the world's vegan gastronomy tasting an exquisite vegan pizza express, then refresh ourselves with a Caribbean smoothie, then we will eat an epic salad to remember. Later we will stop to eat a cauliflower salad accompanied by fried plantains (tostones); we will enjoy an exquisite Klepon, to finish with some mushrooms prepared in the simplest and most exquisite way. Let's travel the world with this delicious vegan gastronomic route, let's go for it!


One of the most versatile and delicious dishes in world gastronomy is pizza, that delicious disk of crispy dough to which we can put the ingredients we like the most on top. And an excellent vegan pizza express recipe is the one that @dianalee1301 shared with us in a publication with beautiful photos and very detailed. Let's see this indispensable recipe on our table!

Easy recipe - My Express Vegan Pizza | @dianalee1301



Smoothies are very appropriate to refresh us (especially in these hot months), and to nourish us. And thinking about both, @marbrym has shared with us a great recipe for a Caribbean Smoothie, free of gluten, casein and sugar, using seasonal fruits that give it a spectacular flavor and color. In a beautiful post she offers us not only the recipe, but also very valuable nutritional information. Let's take a look at this nutritious and refreshing recipe!

Delicioso smoothie caribeño 🍹 libre de gluten, caseina y azúcar [ES|EN] // Delicious Caribbean smoothie 🍹 gluten, casein and sugar free | @marbrym



If anyone makes great vegan posts, that's @carolynstahl, who always takes great pains to bring us very creative recipes, and present them beautifully, with some really great photos, and this week was no exception; as she brought us an epic salad, inspired by her desire to enjoy the good and healthy foods she has at her fingertips. For this salad she made a creamy dressing based on cashews and combined fresh and cooked ingredients, which undoubtedly make a perfect combination for a memorable dinner. Let's take a look at this delicious recipe!

Epic Salad with creamy cashew herb dressing | @carolynstahl



A user who has recently joined our community is @jessiencasa, and since the beginning she has brought good and practical recipes, 100% vegan. This time she shared with us a great post with a dish full of flavor: a cauliflower salad, accompanied with yellow rice and crunchy tostones that will undoubtedly be a delight for any lunch or dinner. Let's take a look at this practical recipe!

Ensalada de Coliflor acompañada de ricos tostones | Cauliflower Salad accompanied by delicious tostones | @jessiencasa



Something admirable about @ettydiallova, is that even far from her homeland, Indonesia, she remains faithful to her customs; and in this month she has been celebrating Ramadan, one of the most important Muslim celebrations in the year; and as food is part of this period, she has prepared traditional dishes for the dates. This time she brought us the recipe for a very traditional Indonesian snack, such as Klapon, a delicious dessert made from sweet potato, filled with palm sugar and sprinkled with coconut, ideal to break the daily fast. This is the first time she has made Klapon and wanted to share it with the community. Let's get to know this great recipe!

1st Make Klepon (Indonesian Traditional Snack) For My Iftar Ramadan | @ettydiallova



Many times, less is more, and this premise of simplicity and minimalism is what @igormuba applied in his post, where he shared with us the simplest yet exquisite way to cook mushrooms. With a detailed step-by-step, accompanied by nice pictures, he brought us a stellar recipe to cook our mushrooms. Let's get to know this tasty and simple recipe!

The simplest and most delicious way to cook mushrooms | @igormuba



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Amazing idea of the posting dear

Thanks for commenting, sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, it is a good idea, to recognize those who do an excellent job presenting good and authentic vegan recipes. Regards.

Hello plantpowerhive and serinahippie greetings🙏 and congratulations to all vegan cooks. here is my vegan dinner for Monday.

Greetings, thank you for posting in the community.

I am very honored to be included with so many wonderful foodies. Thank you!

Your recipes are always of great quality, they are really good and well presented, for that you deserve recognition. Thank you for choosing our community to publish your posts. Greetings.

Todo los platillos presentados son increíbles. Es emocionante ver cómo hay incontables opciones veganas para comer y disfrutar. La creatividad es el límite 🤗

That's the most important thing: Creativity and love for cooking, the result is wonderful. Thank you for publishing in our community

It is always a pleasure for me. I have had a temporary change of circumstances and it has become more difficult for me. But as soon as possible I'll post again. Thank you so much for always having such lively feedback from the community members 😉.

Hola, muy agradecida por su apoyo. Bendiciones para ustedes.

Gracias a usted por elegir esta comunidad para compartir sus recetas. Es un gusto poder curar buenos posts. Saludos y buen día.

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 6 months ago Reveal Comment

Your posts are very good and your recipes delicious. You deserve support and recognition. Thank you for posting in our community. Greetings and thanks for the blessings.