MEATLESS MONDAY: Candied fruit of kolang kaling, Chocolate Banana Pudding, Old rice with oyster mushrooms, Vegan Spicy Mixed Noodles, Mayonnaise with aloe vera, Buddha bowls


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Hello again, happy Monday, dear friends of the Plant Power (Vegan) community! From here, I @sirenahippie, wish you a great week. As we usually do at the beginning of the week, we will have a new weekly curation, MEATLESS MONDAY, in order to compile, celebrate and spread those delicious vegan recipes that you have posted on Hive during these last seven days.


As always, I want to take advantage of this publication, to ask all those who make life in our community, to take into account the topics that can be published here, being these:

  • Experiences with a vegan diet.
  • Ethics of animal agriculture.
  • How to grow a kitchen garden for your plant based food.
  • The best herbs and spices to have in a vegan kitchen.
  • Meat free Mondays - why they're a good idea.


We wanted to emphasize the importance of only using original content. I remind you that we do NOT accept photos or text from third parties, even if they are copyright free. We also remind them of the importance of not including animal products in their recipes, such as butter, eggs, honey, etc., the idea is that they share vegan recipes.

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We will begin our world gastronomic journey, eating some delicious candied fruit of kolang kaling, a unique delicacy; then we enjoy a delicious chocolate banana pudding. After these exquisites sweets, we will eat a practical, simple, but no less delicious old rice with oyster mushrooms; followed by some colorful vegan spicy mixed noodles, which we will accompany with a mayonnaise with aloe vera, very tasty and healthy; and we will finish with an exceptional and complete Buddha bowl. Let's travel the world with this delicious vegan gastronomic route, let's go for it!


The posts made by @umirais are always very complete, excellent; because in them, in addition to the recipes, it includes nutritional and botanical information, regarding the ingredients it uses; and this time is no exception, as she tells us about a traditional sweet for Eid Al-Fitr, an important Muslim holiday that was celebrated recently. For this occasion, she made a candy made from candied fruit of kolan-kaling, the fruit of a palm tree that grows in Indonesia and has multiple applications. A really interesting dessert and very indigenous to your country. Let's get to know this sweet recipe!

candied fruit of kolang kaling (Arrenga pinnata) with palm sugar flavor and benefits | @umirais



@ettydiallova's posts are very interesting and very well elaborated, she always shares with us good and delicious vegan recipes, and this week she brought one of a Chocolate Banana Pudding for EID Mubarak, which besides being very healthy is delicious, and looks appetizing and elegant. Let's get to know this healthy recipe!

Healthy and Yummy: Chocolate Banana Pudding for EID Mubarak | @ettydiallova



Sometimes we are in a hurry, with the desire to eat something tasty, substantial and of course, vegan; and then we can take advantage of the rice left over from the day before and mix it with some oyster mushrooms, to obtain a hearty dish that is quick to prepare, as @mers shows us in this post. Let's get to know this practical recipe!

Got Old Rice?...Recycle and Enhance it with Oyster Mushrooms! | @mers



If @shinecrystalline is aware of something, it is to have her refrigerator in order and stock it weekly with fresh vegetables, so she likes to use what is available in it to make good recipes; as is the case with these Vegan Spicy Mixed Noodles, which are delicious, colorful and very easy to make; and although she used oyster sauce in a brief lapse in its preparation, she corrected this mistake and made the corresponding clarification, in order to obtain a 100% vegan and exquisite dish. Let's see this interesting recipe!

Vegan Spicy Mixed Noodles with Sriracha Sauce - Empty Fridge Challenge | @shinecrystalline



Inspired by her niece's school project, @arialvi75 made a delicious mayonnaise based on aloe vera, thus discovering that this versatile and powerful plant also has gastronomic uses. Let's get to know this unique recipe!

Mayonnaise with aloe vera, garlic and cilantro. Simple and delicious recipe. // Mayonesa con aloe vera (sábila), ajo y cilantro. Receta sencilla y deliciosa.[ENG-ESP] | @arialvi75



Nothing more practical and useful to have a complete and uncomplicated meal, like a Buddha Bowl, and in search of a good meal, very nutritious and varied, @carolynstahl shared with us this recipe to make several bowls, with different sauces. Several exquisite combinations and very suitable to have a complete meal. Let's see these spectacular recipes!

One meal bowls- Buddha bowls for easy meals during the work week | @carolynstahl



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Indonesian cuisine is very varied and rich, we thank you @ettydiallova for sharing part of your culture in the community. Greetings.