My Poetry in Classrooms & Streets of New York City

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After around three decades of writing, since I started in my teens, I'm happy to see that my work is beginning to have a life of its own and developing traction.

A school teacher (who is also a writer/editor) in the UK invited me to submit hand-written aphorisms, with little doodles, to inspire young people as part of a 'Poetry Lab' that they're creating.

They're also showing my new book video trailer, below, to stimulate writing:

Here's what I came up with 🤓


It was no less exciting to stumble across, on Instagram, a street artist & lover of quotations, who creates thought-provoking posters and posts them around the streets of New York.

Here are words from my book, Signposts to Elsewhere on a poster he posted in the streets of NYC— I would have been thrilled to spot this while taking a stroll!


One writers for oneself, primarily, out of an inner compulsion to express oneself and understand the world. It's rewarding, over time, to discover, that one has readers in different parts of the world.

If you appreciate witty/wise sayings, somewhere between poetry and philosophy, I invite you to check out a book of my aphorisms, such as the one this young man is reading on a train in Germany, Where Epics Fail



Thank you, for your attention, and may your own innermost thoughts and dreams resonate with those near and far.



If Yahia Lababidi were in charge of a school, I would want my child to learn there.

Very gracious of you to say so, @owasco. Tell me, how old are your children?

oh, all adults. That is an aphorism of my own, but I had some help from Naomi Nye.

Your aphorisms can't be unfelt. I am swimming in them.

The simplest things are the most difficult to see.

What sort of school are you teaching in?

Ah, yes, I recognized the phrasing ;)

Actually, I don’t teach — even though my words find their ways into school classrooms/college textbooks. Heck, I’m still learning from them myself…

If you might care to review my new book on here, happy to send you/kids an ecopy!

I would love that. Thank you. Can you send the link to me via discord? I have no idea what my four digits are though.

Me, neither :) Just drop me a line, here:


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