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I have been hosting the front-end for the Creative Coin community for almost 1 year already. Soon I will have to do some maintenance on the server and also renew the domain.

I took a look at the statistics and thought it was interesting to see how much traffic it gets, through CloudFlare.







We can't discard the possibility that most of that traffic could be bots and web scrapers, because although the domain is dedicated to the Creative Coin community, it also gives access to all the content ever published on the Hive Blockchain.

Even if 90% of that traffic are bots, I still consider those (possibly) over 100 daily organic users a good number. Having this server, with this domain, hosting an entry point to Hive and to the Creative Coin community can only be good in the long term. It helps index Hive results on Google, along with other search engines, and helps promote the community.

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Even if 90% of that traffic are bots, I still consider those (possibly) over 100 daily organic users a good number.

It would be good to be able to somehow distinguish the bot traffic from the organic traffic. Your server served 74 GB of data in the previous 30 days. If the 90% of the traffic is bot traffic, then that is a huge (66.60 GB) waste.

That amount of traffic is literally free, if the served data were in the dozens or hundreds of TB then it would have been wasted and possibly slowed down the server for real users, but that amount of monthly traffic, even if the monthly traffic was the daily traffic, would still not worry me. If those bots were indexing Hive content then it was cheap publicity for Hive

interesting numbers there for sure and thank you for looking after the hosting


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