Shadow Hunters Community Contest-Round 230

in Shadow Hunters2 months ago

Show Me A Shadow- Round 230

🌼or SMASh as named by

I am participating in this #ShadowHunters competition hosted by dear @melinda010100 🌼

You can find more about this competition:


One walk around the village and there is a shadow I caught along the way. I didn't plan to take a photo... But this shadow of the fence just called for a photo.


I have passed by this fence many times, but now I noticed its shadow for the first time...
Because that day I passed by at the right moment...

Thank you very much for visiting my blog ❤️

Have a nice evening ✨


What a gorgeous fence! And it has a great shadow, too. Thanks so much for entering the shadow contest again. I really appreciate all of your support♥️♥️♥️

Thank you so mach @melinda010100 🥰

My pleasure always 🌹


Great shadows!!

Thanks a lot 🌸

Most welcome my friend!

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